Weekly Wishlist


Green and sparkles are definitely the order of the day for me this week. As much as I still want to be sunning myself on the beach and pulling out the beautiful floral summer dresses the seasons are changing and before we know it we will be wrapping tinsel around our trees and getting ready for the christmas party season. Only a matter of months ago if you had told me that in true magpie fashion I would be developing a taste for all things shiny I would never have believed you thinking that is far too bold a look for me. However with the high street now becoming array with all the metallics, in true Chloe fashion, one thing I once hated I now love.

As someone who tends to stick to the rule of styling your outfit all around one key piece, theses rose gold boots from Office are a great example of one bold piece to centre a look around. Paired together with the smock esk bottle green dress from Olive, it keeps the majority of the outfit simple with the block colour and flowy shape yet jazzed up with the statement boots.

Probably my favourite trend this summer has definitely been that of the strap top/dress over a T shirts. This is one I will very much be carrying with me this winter. The black and white woven dress from Olive or silver Urban Outfitters vest top layered over the Urban Outfitters mesh top I think continues on this trend in a cool and fresh way by adding a touch of grunge with the mesh sleeves and kills 2 birds with one stone of mixing in the metallics.