Festive Favourite 1 – Gift idea – My makeup bags

Festive Favourite 1 – Gift idea – My makeup bags

So with it now being less than a month until jesus’s big old birthday celebrations roll around in an effort to try and get into the christmas spirit I have decided to 5 special christmas features for you all. 

With task of finding the perfect gifts for those loved ones being on all our to do lists I thought I would try and make the task a little easier for you all recommending some products for you. Now I may be slightly using one of my christmas features to plug some of my own makeup bags would be some perfect little stocking fillers for female friends and family members out there.



I started making and selling these in the summer of this year after deciding to make something practical out of the some of my hand screen printing samples with thinking make up bags were a good place to start. 

The first collection which I have avalible to buy consists of a beautiful collection of one off prints that are designed, hand screen printed and sewn together by myself. The second collection is created out of a selection of a lovely collection of fabrics I have collected and combined together in a range of sizes and designs. I wanted to celebrate some the beautiful fabrics which are available on the market already and which have given me inspiration for some of my designs so have created this collection to showcase these.  




For the christmas period I have added a couple of new designs purchasable for you all. Don’t worry, their not christmas themed by being covered in christmas trees and ginger bread men so only suitable for one month a year, there just a couple of new lovely fabrics added to the range. 





All of these bags are available to purchase on Etsy and are very reasonably priced between £8 and £14. For this weekend, in the spirt of black Friday I have 10% off all stock which ends at 12 GMT this evening. There all one off so when they are gone there gone! I would love it if you could take a look. Also take a look at our Facebook page for all the lasted updates and info. 

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SPOTLIGHT ON: Uni week 1

SPOTLIGHT ON: Uni week 1

Now with starting any new university college or even job you are bound to be given the obligatory starting off project just to dip your toes into the water. This was no different for me with starting at GSA with our first project Drawing Beginnings based no the practise of mark making and drawing from still life. In an effort not to make it as mundane as it appeared I decided to try and make the project very much my own by developing some pattern designs from the mark making and still life sketchbook work. So this week I am taking you down a small trip on memory lane back to starting off at university (those long 4 weeks ago).

After being told to go on somewhat of a scavenger hunt to find possible mark making materials (please say you hate that term mark making as much as I do), after slopping them in some ink and various paint materials as groups we created these large mural like images all out of our different marks. When creating these all ideas of being neat and precise went out the window in exchange for being expressive and abstract. 

Offending items for mark drawings and final experimentational images.

As you can probably see compared to the rest of my group I decided to work solely in black and white just using ink and ignoring the brightly coloured paint used by others. This decision was based on the fact that I knew from starting this that I wanted to take these drawings into photoshop to edit and manipulate into patterns so didn’t want to overcomplicate them with colours and with not yet deciding on a colour scheme (although the odds of it starting off as a variation of red and blue were pretty high) I didn’t want to tie myself down within any of the source drawings. 



Taking this combination of lines as a whole this is the design I produced this with my usual style of mirroring and rotating. I’m very pleased with this design with it being possibly my favourite coming out of the whole process (I promise it doesn’t go too far down hill from here) with one of my favourite aspects being the fine detail within the thinly crossing lines contrasted the the larger black spogges. Although I thinks it works really well as a finished black and white illustrated design I think this one would look really cool if colour was added to it creating an almost paisley inspired design but obviously in a slightly different style however when it comes to adding colour I would have to deconstruct it and go back to the beginning to create a repeatable section of it instead of trying to colour in the whole thing which would be madness. 

pattern 5

pattern 3

2 more created from mark making experiments

pattern 4

When it got down to creating some of our own smaller scale mark making experiments I did decide at this point to start adding colour and surprise surprise as I had preempted earlier on red and blue were the chosen suspects – with a smattering of orange and various shades of blue to not limit it too much. A while ago I had the idea within my pattern design to of using oil paint to blend together a background with the pattern arising with various marks over the top. This was a perfect opportunity to try this idea out. Using some of the earlier mark making techniques I layered these on top of an acrylic paint background starting to make a pattern with it.  As well as adding on top with the black ink with using oil paints as a base I was able to mark into them dragging the paint around creating another element within the design. I really wanted to try and replicate some of the flowers I had found and used for mark making within the designs by using the colours of them within the choice of paint and using the flowers them selves to print with creating the black flower splodges.   



As I did with my earlier back and white drawings I mirrored, repeated and layered these scanned in images to create the new designs. Im really pleased with how these and the previous black and white ones have come out however I can see how my work is all becoming very similar using the same ideas and techniques with a lot of my designs. This could be considered as my style of working however I think it is still quite simple and could be pushed further and maybe isn’t the style which I ideally want to be creating.  

pattern 1

pattern 2

In order to do this I took the jump and decided to try to start using adobe illustrator as well as photoshop. After plenty of blood sweat and tears (maybe subtract the blood for watching countless youtube videos) I started pick up some of the effects which I wanted to try and create. 





I found that the marks I created using the feathers when sectioned out and played around  of By some sort of happy accident when using the pattern brush tool created a really cool butterfly image. This wasn’t really what i intended to create but I’m very pleased how I managed to create it.  Unable to leave my beloved photoshop for too long, I took this motif I had created and used and manipulated it in there, adding colour from some of my previous designs and layering design behind it until I has created a design with them which I was really happy with. 



This final butterfly design is a lot more muted than the work I usually do however I still really like and it and is a good start at varying my portfolio a bit. I also love it when I create a design which has a lot different designs and layers involved in it knowing that a lot of different work came before it and wasn’t just simply created in 5 minuets.        


Drawing from still life of a dream catcher. The still life element of this project was an area which I definatly struggled having not gained much inspiration from the items we were drawing. The dream catch was the only item which caught my eye with the design made out of wood in the centre and the lovely feathers hanging off it. I did first draw it in its natural colours of brown and beige but changed it when paining it into red and blue to link in more with my collection of other designs.

kscope start

pattern 1

          Final design of dream catcher kaleidoscope

Thankyou for taking a look and reading, I will be doing regualr updates on my uni work so please make sure to come and check back in the future to see what I am up to.

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SPOTLIGHT ON: Vogue Catwalk Edition

SPOTLIGHT ON: Vogue Catwalk Edition

Whenever I look in a magazine the fashion pages are always the ones which I flick to first, so when I found Vogue: Catwalk Edition entirely based what was on the runways at this autumn/winter 2015 season. 

Vogue cover

Also having all the best items condensed down to categories in one magazine it defiantly made my evenings of research a lot easier instead of scouring vogue.com for hours! 

If I was to describe to you the whole magazine in detail you would probably be spending at least the next 5 hours reading this blog, which despite I would be delighted that you were putting in that much commitment, I don’t think it would be the best use of your time, so for the need of brevity, I have selected 3 of my favourite sections to share with you. 

21st Century Opulance

21st century opulence 

Now as someone who doesn’t particularly like shiny or glitzy garment, usually this may be an odd style for me to be drawn to however with pattern and colour being the 2 main visual qualities which I love to within fashion, the glittering jacquard prints and shimmering embroidery within the 21st century opulence trend really has caught my eye.  

Now I think all magpies can vouch for me on this that anything with gold and silver undertones in it will attract your attention especially incorporated with lots of colour.  When trying to incorporate lots of pattern, colour and shine designs can sometimes look overdone and that you have tried to incorporate too much within one design, but when all those elements are balanced correctly the style can really work. One of the main ways I think to make these prints and fabrics work is to keep the garment shape simple. Stick to simple cuts and good tailoring in order to let the fabric do the talking and not over power that with extra bells and whistles. This is shown well within in louis Vuitton’s collection (3rd from the right) with his slight twist on a shift dress with adding puff sleeves and a zip down the front but letting the silver in and pink embroidery be the main focus of the dress and also within Erin Fetherston’s sleek and simple dress coat with slight Chinese connotations  of the high rounded collar, buttons down the front and brightly golden fabric. 

If you had read my last post you will know that ethnic/bohemian style designs and prints are a big inspiration to me. The styles of pattens and designs lend themselves well to this style of garments as shown within Burberry Prorsum’s collection (4th from left). Burberry are a very well known British brand most well known for there simple yet highly stylish trench coats. However with this season and their Prorsum collection they have turned them on there head and added lots of pattern, embellishment and embroidery which I love.      

From all of these designers clashing colours and patterns are featured within many of these design combinations. For instance Marques Almedia (2nd from left)  with the 3 different contrasting floral prints, mixing together the blue blue, green, pink and orange which may not usually be paired together like this but here it works.  Also within the way how he has left the hem on these garments raw and ripped adds rougher element to the garment which help to give it a more thrown together feel which is already emulated within the clashing of prints and layering of fabrics.  One of my top designers Erdem (6th from right) I was pleased to see have also adopted this trend with adding metallic embroidery to his normal prints. 

Great Lengths

Great Lengths 

As someone who doesn’t tend to make a particularly bold statement with the way she dresses and prefers to slip into the background, full length skirts has been something that I have defiantly shied myself away from, with the feeling that they can feel a bit too dressy and making too much a statement. For along time maxi dresses and skirts weren’t at the forefront of fashion with them being reserved only for black tie situations or the elderly. 

At this time the focus being more on the mini, with seeing how short your skirt can be before it turns into a belt. But with the boho trend reoccurring over the past few years and specifically the 70’s trend this summer, long flowing maxi skirts are back with avengeance. With this long line skirts have become very popular over the past few years especially with the introduction of the midi/below the knee skirt making the transition between mini to maxi more appealing. 

If your someone like me and feel as if you have just stepped out of Downton Abbey if you wear a full length skirt a good way to start out is will a plain, block coloured one. As I am a lover of anything monochrome black and grey is a good place to start.  As you can see her many designers such as Lavin, Marc Jacobs and J Crew have opted for this style mostly co-ordinating them with a dark coloured top and cinching it in at the waist with a large belt making the whole outfit have a lovely feminine shape which I love.  

But if you would prefer to go the whole hog then there is no reason why not to go a for a very colourful patterned one. Tom Ford (4th from right, top row) has done exactly this by creating a big, bold and colourful pattern for the skirt. I like how he has kept it rather fitting and slim line to overdo the item with meters and meters of flowing fabric. Paired with a black peplum top allows the skirt to be the centre of attention.   

Ripping Yarns

Ripping Yarns 

Knitwear if going to be a trend that comes around very autumn/winter season however be it winter or summer, knitwear in all its different shapes and sizes will make an appearance in my wardrobe. Some of us will only use knitwear as a functionality piece, just to keep the cold at bay however more and more often over the recent years, the trend of using knitwear as a statement clothing item has been coming back (You know when your obsession of knitwear has gone to far when you start wearing it in the heat of the summer just because you really want to wear it, resulting in sweaty consequences). 

The 80’s were the era of the big oversized brightly coloured jumpers making a name for themselves in the fashion world and with many 80’s trends coming back into the spotlight, this is one of them to do so. This is defiantly a trend which I have used and abused with them being incredibly practice with being a very easy item to throw on to get out of the house quickly, comfortable and also brilliant at hiding a multitude of sins!  Max Mara (6th from the left)  is one designers who has been using the oversized trend, keeping the jumper its self quite simple in muted tones with simple knitted detail but making it baggy and elongated to make it oversized. 

Knitwear hasn’t always been the go to item of clothing if wanting to dress smartly, however teamed with the right skirt or trousers it can work and is starting to be paired more and more with smarter items on our runways. One way in which our woollens have been been brought into the boardroom are by adding pattern to the jumper.  Creating a co-ord set as seen done by Peter Pilato (9th from left) with the pattern in the skirt spreading it’s self up into the jumper makes the outfit look very cohesive and put together and like you mean business!  

Jonathan Saunders (7th from the left) has chosen a slightly different approach to this trend by by starting with a solid block colour pair of trousers and paired them with a highly square  jumper and clashing the coloured in it with the trousers. Now I don’t particularity like the pairing of clashing the pink and the red together but is defiantly an example of bringing a jumper and suit trousers together. 


When you think of adding embellishments to a jumper some goggly eyes and a carrot nose, maybe even some fairy lights if your lucky on a garish christmas jumper to me is what firstly springs to mind.  Santa clause’s friends aside embellishments are now being used more and more within out everyday knitwear. Delpozo (5th from right) has taken adding a frill onto a jumper to the extreme of adding onto of what would have been quite a plain, think, grey roll neck jumper 2 large sections of grey and red frills. Now this may not be to everybody’s taste with it slightly looking like you are being attacked by a large sea anemone however it defiantly livened up a perviously dull jumper.  

All images provided by Vogue.com  

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