Beauty Business | Beauty review/comparison

Beauty Business | Beauty review/comparison

With seeming to get ever more and more into this beauty business (see my catchy new title ;) ) I am delving into the world of product comparisons this time starting off with foundation. With a recent effort to branch away from my dearly loved foundation L’oreal True Match Foundation I decided to try a more ‘high end’ product. Feeling L’oreal is the best from the drug store for me I wanted to see if any higher end one had more to offer. Now your not going to see me buying anything from Channel or anything alike anytime soon (ain’t no body got the pennies for that) so I settled something a bit more mid range. 


If you want to read fully about the L’oreal true match foundation have a look at my Daily makeup routine blog post linked here


Benefit’s hello flawless oxygen wow foundation (not sure they gave it a long enough name) being the only one in their range was the one I plumped for. I remember for a long time at school and 6th form, Benefit was the brand which every girl seemed to want to get her hands on. From its mascara’s  to its bronzers it could do no wrong.  With makeup not being largely on my radar back then it was a trend that I plainly ignored (other than the time I brought their Bad Gall Lash Mascara duty free on a ferry on a school trip and lost it after only a week!) So this was the first time I have properly tried out a Benefit product and I was left rather disappointed. 


One of the reasons I love the L’oreal true match foundation it the weightlessness of the product on the skin. Despite being a medium coverage it’s very light and smooth to apply but has great coverage and will last until the end of the day. However I found the Benefit one a lot thicker and heavier not the skin, leaving it looking rather matte and flat compared to the more glowiness of the L’oreal and surprisingly making my face go rather shiny by then of the day as it wore off. While swatching it in store on my hand it didn’t seemed like a nice consistency however when I applying it I found it quite think, needing a lot to cover your face. Maybe with a moisturiser or primer underneath it would go on better (but all that seems far too complicated for me. 


Previous to using the L’oreal true match I did tend to use heavier, full coverage foundations from brands like Rimmle and No7, so when first using true match I did find it quite thin. But after using it for a prolonged period of time I realised I didn’t need all those heavyweight foundations and it really was as good as all the hype around it. 

Despite this, I think the main problem I have with the Benefit foundation is that of the shade of it. I was surprised when it seemed I was going to need the lightest shade in the range with usually coming at least 1 or 2 shades below it, but for the supposedly lightest shade its a bit to dark and slightly on the orange side. (To think the sales assistant colour matched me to a shade darker than this.) This I think has been the main of putting feature for me. If it had been the perfect  colour I would have probably got used to the consistency more with it being very similar to old ones I used to use, but with both of them being very different to my norm, it was quite a change. So if your a very light skin tone, this isn’t the one for you. 

As the name should suggest, after hopping round a couple of shades in the L’oreal true match range I have landed on what I think my best match being in N1. I think its hard to say you can ever find your absolute perfect match however this one I think does a pretty good job. 

The Benefit foundation is still one that I will continue to use, especially for days if I need or feel like more heavy coverage, it will be great for, however after already having used about 4 bottles of L’oreal true match, the 5th shall be brought very shortly!

I realise this comparison has been rather Benefit heavy so If you want to read fully about my thought of the L’oreal true match foundation have a look at my Daily makeup routine blog post linked here. 

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SPOTLIGHT ON: My everyday makeup rountine

SPOTLIGHT ON: My everyday makeup rountine




So with my whole blogging thing starting off after being inspired from reading various different fashion and beauty blogs, and with the fashion section taking shape I thought it is about time to turn my hand to beauty.

I am someone who is definatly a drug store lover through and hating spending money on make up, trying to make the mascara last as long as feasibly possible with the dread of having to buy a new one. You defiantly won’t see me spending the equivalent of 2 weeks food shop on a foundation. Also as a creature of habit and a lover of a routine when it comes to makeup, most mornings consist of the same combination of products with most likely a change of lipstick. With this being defiantly my most worn look, here is a post all about my everyday makeup routine. 


Foundation, concealer and powder 


Foundation (and also concealer and setting power) products were always something that I tried to scrimp on thinking that with them hopefully not being very visible on the skin whats the point of spending lots of money on them. But after hearing so many rave reviews about the L’oreal True Match foundation and claims it was better than some high end ones I had to give it a try. By the fact I on I think my 3rd of 4th bottle of the stuff can tell you that it is defiantly my favourite foundation. Since first buying it I have tried a few other foundations from Bourjois and other L’oreal ones however I still find that this one works the best at covering what you want it to cover but not being to heavy on the skin and feel too cakey. Now as I have heard many people have despite it being called true match before they recently brought out their larger range and different formular there was never one which really matched my skin properly. But now with one of their new shades I think I have found my true match. (cheesy ending :P) 

Now this concealer is defiantly an oldy but a still goody. I remember buying it years ago generally just because it was cheap, but despite trying many others from different brands over the years the Collection lasting perfection concealer has always been the one I have come back to with it simply doing the best job as a all round concealer. 

Now I’m really no expert for power with it tending to be the thing I bulk up my boots 3 for 2 offers with knowing that it will probably be fine. However when I did get the Bourjois healthy balance power I did know there was some hype about it being rather good.  

I’d heard a lot about the whole Bourjois healthy balance range so as I said with being drawn in with a 3 for 2 purchased the powder and the foundation (and obviously something else).  Despite not being that fussed about the foundation I have been happy with this powder with it doing all the good things that powder does (see told you I know nothing about power) 



Blusher was something I can to rather late in the makeup game with always thinking that my cheeks get red enough on their own after just walking up a flight of stairs without piling on ready made pink cheeks over the top of that. But when I realised more muted tones of blush exists that can also work partly as a contor shade. This Rimmel London blusher in the shade Santa Rose is currently what I am using. I was defiantly looking for a budget blush at the time with buying this with wanting to get the No7 blush I had previously used but couldnt qualify spending that much money. Its a good enough shade for what I want. I don’t particularly like very girly pink/peachy blushes with preferring to go more for a more dusky pink like this one is to be able to slightly contour with it too. It does have a slight shimmer in it which I’m not keen one but it will do for the time being. 

Eye liner 

Eye liner

Eye liner for me has become an every day must have. Its one of those very simple and effective eye makeup looks without spending far too much time blending shadows into shadows into shadows. For me i’ve found the type that works best is felt tips with them being quick and easy to apply and no faffing around with brushes. The one that I am currently using is the L’oreal super liner perfect slim. Ive tried others from brands such as soap and glory and Rimmel which have been perfectly decent but in terms of precision of application and staying power, this one defiantly comes out top of the pile. With this having a very fine nib to it you are able to get a very precise line right next to the lash line and a nice pointy flick. It also seems to last a surprisingly long time without drying out so all in all I won’t be switching from this one for a while.  



Now with having tried many a different mascaras over the years with never usually purchasing the same one twice in order to get a range of different products. 

With being a student and my budget remaining drug store for, my holy grail product of the Clinque high impact full volume mascara which a debenhams gift card enabled purchase for me. When it comes down to the drug store i don’t think I have ever found the perfect mascara with the volumising ones I tend to go for all being rather similar. But more recently I have tended to stick more with L’oreal with finding that it seems to be a all round good brand . Im currently using the volume million lashes feline mascar and am very pleased with the results it gives. I remember years ago the release of the volume million lashes and everyone going wild for it but not having the funds it was always out of my price range. But from trying the original and now this one I can see what all the fuss was about and that it is a very good product. 



Now I know I said I was a drug store lover through and through and that is defiantly the case, but we all have our weaknesses and for me it happens to lie within the lipstick department. 

Mac you just can’t dismiss with their incredible colour range and varieties of finish. For me it will always be a matte finish with wanting to be able to put lipstick on and not feel it slipping and sliding and making my lips feel sticky.  Of the ones I’ve tried their matte formulas great with not being too drying and very long lasting on the lips. This lipstick is perfect at being able to put on and forget about and rely on the fact that even if you do eat the big sandwich for lunch it will still remain in place after. The shade mehr which I am wearing here is defiantly my most used lipstick that I own and as you can see it won’t be long until I finish this. I find it to be the perfect everyday pink with it being a noticeably darker than your lips shade but not being a bold bright pink. There was never a doubt in my mind that this was going to be a repurchasing product with it being on my lips pretty much everyday.


Foundation – L’oreal true match  

Concealer – Collection lasting perfection 

Blusher – Rimmel 

Mascara – L’oreal volume million lashes feline 

Eye liner – L’oreal super line precision slim 

Lipstick – Mac matte merh 

Photos of me taken by Tom Flathers 

My photos taken on a Canon 1200D 

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