Flower Power!

Flower Power!




























Welcome to probably the longest outfit of the day post I have ever done, with the blossoms looked so pretty under the gorgeous sunlight, I think we got a little bit carried away with the camera. And why not when it looks so blooming pretty! (pun alert)

Now with a title like flower power you may be thinking I was going to go all 60/70’s on you with bold floral prints, flared trousers and knee length pvc boots.

Despite a surprising amount of those things coming back into fashion over the past few seasons (can’t say I was the first to see the floral flare coming back) I haven’t had the craving to adorn my legs with PVC quite yet, god help me if I do, but I have come with smidge of a floral pattern and a little bit of colour with this lovely teal flowered tea dress from Urban Outfitters. With the pussy bow neck tie, vintage style floral fabric and fitted A line mini shape, there is a some what of a wiff of the 1960’s about it.

With the sun having finally broken through the clouds it was a gorgeous day to grab out this dress and even get the old pins out despite how white and pasty they looked.

Get the look..

5130264840405_041_b at6a1348_1


Brilliant photos as ever by Tom Flathers


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The Real Flower Confetti Company

The Real Flower Confetti Company

You know when you are flicking through the pages of Vogue or Elle and for the featured fashion shoot they have a stunningly beautiful models just causally lounging around in an  field bursting with brightly coloured flowers as if out of some sort of fairytale. Rather than lusting over the designer goods, I am always the one wondering what tiny corner to the earth to they have to go to to find such a beautiful location. Well turns out little old Worcestershire seems to be the place.

This beautiful field of flowers belongs to the The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company based in Pershore, Worcestershire. Since 1997 they have been home growing natural, biodegradable real flower confetti supplying the general public, TV and films and even royalty.  For the past 2 years for 10 days only they have been opening their gates to one of their beautiful fields to the public. With a strike of luck of finding out about this place on day one out of 10 how could you not go and give it a little nosey (and what better location to try out the brand new camera!).











The weather unfortunately wasn’t on its very best behaviour all day with some short sharp April showers deciding to rear their ugly head in July, but by middle afternoon the sun had come out and the sky had turned blue and made the whole place just look far too perfect.

But I know what your saying after wading through picture after picture of flowers at slightly different angles, ‘But Chloe, you went to such a beautiful location and decided not to take any outfit photos?’ don’t worry dear friends, all will come in due course ;)

The feilds are open until the 10th of July so get down there while they are still open











To find out more check out their website http://www.confettidirect.co.uk/index.html


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Rain and Rainbows

Rain and Rainbows




You know those times when on the way back from and extremely long 2 days in London when you spot a double rainbow and just have to jump out of the car while it is raining to get some all important photos? Well that happened to be us this weekend. As someone who is no stranger to a more challenging shoot, standing out in the rain was definitely not something new to me. Least the addition of not just one but two rainbows was a nice change. (We didn’t totally run to the car as soon as it turned monsoon like at all! with lighting equipment and all.)











Brilliant photos as ever by Tom Flathers

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Chloe Cooks | Spaghetti Carbonara

Chloe Cooks | Spaghetti Carbonara

Yes today we are back with another cooking post and this being the first one which isnt muffin related, yay! So I thought I would start off with something easy being a spaghetti carbonara.

After going out for dinner in London last week at Vapiano’s  in oxford circus (check them out, they are soo good), after eating the best carbonara I think i’ve ever had I was inspired to try and cook my own. Now I can’t this quite holds up to theirs (what their chefs can do just makes my mind boggle) but if you are a lover of pasta and Italian food in general this is a great easy, cheap and tasty alternative.

Now I know with it creeping into the summer months many of us are ditching the hearty carb heavy dishes in favour of salads and lighter dishes however I think theirs room for a good pasta somewhere (how their isn’t a spec of Italian blood in my I don’t know.)



Ingredients: (for 4 people)

  • 400g spaghetti
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 200g smoked Pancetta 
  •  cubes or streaky bacon, chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, crushed
  • 3 eggs
  • 75ml double cream
  • 50g Grana padano or Parmesan, finely grated, plus extra to serve



  1. Cook the spaghetti. Bring a large, deep pan of salted water to the boil. Plunge spaghetti into the water, stir well and cook, following pack instructions.
  2. Fry the pancetta. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a frying pan. When hot, tip in the pancetta or streaky bacon. Fry over a medium heat until the fat in the meat has melted down into the pan and the meat has turned lightly golden. Be careful not to crisp the pancetta too much; it will be cooked a little bit more later on in the recipe. Remove from the heat and set aside.
  3. Prepare the sauce. Crack 2 of the eggs into a mixing bowl. Separate the yolk from the third egg: gently crack the side of the shell and, using both hands, slowly open it into two halves over a separate bowl – you want to keep the yolk in one of the halves. Tip the yolk from one shell half to the other and repeat until all the egg white has fallen into the bowl below, taking care not to crack the yolk on any rough shell edges. Tip the yolk in with the other eggs and beat together, along with the cream, the cheese and some seasoning.
  4. Combine the dish. Add garlic to the pancetta and return frying pan to hob. Fry over high heat for 1 min or until garlic is cooked and pancetta warmed through. Meanwhile, drain spaghetti. Tip back into the hot saucepan off the heat. Pour egg mixture over pasta, followed by hot pancetta, garlic, any fat and oils. Toss quickly and thoroughly with spaghetti spoon or tongs. Mix until it has thickened to a smooth, creamy sauce. Serve with extra cheese and freshly ground pepper.



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Isle of Arran | Part 4

Isle of Arran | Part 4







On our second morning in Arran after spending far too long deciding on which part of the Island to go to, we decided to go right back to the same parts as the day before. Despite being a tad unadventurous, it turned out to have been a really good decision with managing to get some really cool shots with such a dramatic landscape. 

I kept the look simple with this simple marron body con dress which ended up complementing the green and beige tones of the landscape really well. As someone who tends to run and hide under a massive jumper at the very mention of the word bodycon, I was pleasantly surprised how this little number from H and M nicely skims my curves without being too clingy.  (Looks like the massive meal of venison sausages I had the night before didn’t do my waist too much harm.) 
























Brilliant photos as ever by Tom Flathers

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Isle of Arran | Dramatic Portrait Shoot

Isle of Arran | Dramatic Portrait Shoot


Before you say anything, don’t worry, I’m acting, well, being in freezing cold water on a Scottish island in the middle of February in a thin floaty dress I suppose there wasn’t much acting needed really. 

Continuing onto part 3 of my Isle of Arran blog series as you can tell this is a little bit of a different shoot from my usual with not graffitied walls or pretty doors in sight. The one of the main reasons for going to Arran, other than having a little explore, was to try and find the right sort of landscape to be able to do this type of dramatic photoshoot, beaches and bog lands don’t just appear next to the Hereford industrial estate unfortunately.

The whole sort of concept for the shoot was that I was a “victim” running away from an “attacker” with the whole True Detective season 1 vibes (unfortunately Matthew Mcconaughey couldn’t make it.) 

From my acting background it was a nice little opportunity to flex that old muscle again, well thats what Tom said when trying to convince me to do it ;) 

As you can imagine it was really rather cold and how I was convinced to do this again for another shoot recently I will never know. 

So sit back and have look at me pulling some delightfully awful faces. 





























Pool photoshoot 

Brilliant photos as ever by Tom Flathers


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SPOTLIGHT ON: When I turned into a Chameleon

SPOTLIGHT ON: When I turned into a Chameleon








As someone who spends most of her life in dark colours, blending into the crowd is probably something that tends to happen, however, I don’t usually end up wearing the exact same colour as the background of my pictures. 

When I got dressed for this shoot I didn’t think that I had used a brick wall for inspiration however these brown and orange flowers seem to have a surprising likeness to my bricky background.  

My trend of wearing dresses in the winter time continues on with this lovely vintage inspired floral number from urban outfitters. I tend to be rather picky with my floral prints with them either being too modern or too bold however being in quite a simple, dark colour pallet and a nice print, this one is perfect.  With my collection of shirt dresses seeming to be ever increasing this one now definitely a new favourite addition with its versatility with it simple print  working well with other patterns and colours and layered well under jumpers and scarfs.  





Outfit Details..

Dress – Urban Outfitters 

Shoes – Doc Martens 

Photos taken in Worcester – Worcestershire

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Style File – Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick

Style File – Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick


Charlotte Tilbury, the brand which since its launch a couple of years ago has become a staple in any beauty bloggers makeup bag. As someone who still thinks of their self as rather new to the makeup game, in terms of high end beauty game I really don’t want to be spending any of my precious student loan on bad products. With lipstick being the only thing really that I would go high end for, after seeing practically every beauty blogger under the sun raving about the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lip sticks, I had to get my hands on one. And with a nice little Selfridges gift card for crimbo it cushioned the monitary blow and finally I managed to get my little mits on one.


After much deliberation (the with red carpet red being out of stock was kind of decided it for me) I plumped for Love Liberty (points to the eagle eyed amongst you who notices it placed on Liberty London print postcards, thought it was quite apt). Matte will always be the type of lipstick that I go for with hating the feeling of my lips being all sticky and slimy. I like to be able to put it one and forget about it with not having to think to top it up from time to time. 

Now I don’t think i am going to get away with this review without comparing this to my beloved Mac Matte lipsticks with this new one having a high bar to try and match. I went for Love Liberty as I thought this was the closest and the best alternative to my all time favorite being that of Mac Mehr, just being a little on the darker side (see already guilty and its not quite as dark as it seems in the picture)


With all the hype surrounding these lipsticks with most beauty bloggers praising them to the high heavens I was annoyed when after trying it out I was slightly disappointed. I didn’t find its longevity and staying power to be quite as good as I hoped with finding that after just a few hours it was looking patchy feeling that I needed to reapply it. I did find it easier to apply with it being quite creamy in texture but this is what probably lead it to not last as long. 

Also personally I was a little unsure not he colour when first applying it with it being a bit more pink than my usual shades however I have grown to love and it I’ve found it is a beautiful colour when worn with Maroon. Also I can’t not talk about a charlotte Tilbury product without a mention to the packaging, just need to remember to keep it out of reach of any passing magpies.  

Charlotte Tilbury Love Liberty is available to purchase at Selfridges 

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SPOTLIGHT ON: Uni week 1

SPOTLIGHT ON: Uni week 1

Now with starting any new university college or even job you are bound to be given the obligatory starting off project just to dip your toes into the water. This was no different for me with starting at GSA with our first project Drawing Beginnings based no the practise of mark making and drawing from still life. In an effort not to make it as mundane as it appeared I decided to try and make the project very much my own by developing some pattern designs from the mark making and still life sketchbook work. So this week I am taking you down a small trip on memory lane back to starting off at university (those long 4 weeks ago).

After being told to go on somewhat of a scavenger hunt to find possible mark making materials (please say you hate that term mark making as much as I do), after slopping them in some ink and various paint materials as groups we created these large mural like images all out of our different marks. When creating these all ideas of being neat and precise went out the window in exchange for being expressive and abstract. 

Offending items for mark drawings and final experimentational images.

As you can probably see compared to the rest of my group I decided to work solely in black and white just using ink and ignoring the brightly coloured paint used by others. This decision was based on the fact that I knew from starting this that I wanted to take these drawings into photoshop to edit and manipulate into patterns so didn’t want to overcomplicate them with colours and with not yet deciding on a colour scheme (although the odds of it starting off as a variation of red and blue were pretty high) I didn’t want to tie myself down within any of the source drawings. 



Taking this combination of lines as a whole this is the design I produced this with my usual style of mirroring and rotating. I’m very pleased with this design with it being possibly my favourite coming out of the whole process (I promise it doesn’t go too far down hill from here) with one of my favourite aspects being the fine detail within the thinly crossing lines contrasted the the larger black spogges. Although I thinks it works really well as a finished black and white illustrated design I think this one would look really cool if colour was added to it creating an almost paisley inspired design but obviously in a slightly different style however when it comes to adding colour I would have to deconstruct it and go back to the beginning to create a repeatable section of it instead of trying to colour in the whole thing which would be madness. 

pattern 5

pattern 3

2 more created from mark making experiments

pattern 4

When it got down to creating some of our own smaller scale mark making experiments I did decide at this point to start adding colour and surprise surprise as I had preempted earlier on red and blue were the chosen suspects – with a smattering of orange and various shades of blue to not limit it too much. A while ago I had the idea within my pattern design to of using oil paint to blend together a background with the pattern arising with various marks over the top. This was a perfect opportunity to try this idea out. Using some of the earlier mark making techniques I layered these on top of an acrylic paint background starting to make a pattern with it.  As well as adding on top with the black ink with using oil paints as a base I was able to mark into them dragging the paint around creating another element within the design. I really wanted to try and replicate some of the flowers I had found and used for mark making within the designs by using the colours of them within the choice of paint and using the flowers them selves to print with creating the black flower splodges.   



As I did with my earlier back and white drawings I mirrored, repeated and layered these scanned in images to create the new designs. Im really pleased with how these and the previous black and white ones have come out however I can see how my work is all becoming very similar using the same ideas and techniques with a lot of my designs. This could be considered as my style of working however I think it is still quite simple and could be pushed further and maybe isn’t the style which I ideally want to be creating.  

pattern 1

pattern 2

In order to do this I took the jump and decided to try to start using adobe illustrator as well as photoshop. After plenty of blood sweat and tears (maybe subtract the blood for watching countless youtube videos) I started pick up some of the effects which I wanted to try and create. 





I found that the marks I created using the feathers when sectioned out and played around  of By some sort of happy accident when using the pattern brush tool created a really cool butterfly image. This wasn’t really what i intended to create but I’m very pleased how I managed to create it.  Unable to leave my beloved photoshop for too long, I took this motif I had created and used and manipulated it in there, adding colour from some of my previous designs and layering design behind it until I has created a design with them which I was really happy with. 



This final butterfly design is a lot more muted than the work I usually do however I still really like and it and is a good start at varying my portfolio a bit. I also love it when I create a design which has a lot different designs and layers involved in it knowing that a lot of different work came before it and wasn’t just simply created in 5 minuets.        


Drawing from still life of a dream catcher. The still life element of this project was an area which I definatly struggled having not gained much inspiration from the items we were drawing. The dream catch was the only item which caught my eye with the design made out of wood in the centre and the lovely feathers hanging off it. I did first draw it in its natural colours of brown and beige but changed it when paining it into red and blue to link in more with my collection of other designs.

kscope start

pattern 1

          Final design of dream catcher kaleidoscope

Thankyou for taking a look and reading, I will be doing regualr updates on my uni work so please make sure to come and check back in the future to see what I am up to.

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SPOTLIGHT ON: OOTD – A Day in the City

SPOTLIGHT ON: OOTD – A Day in the City

Continuing on after my portabello market special I couldn’t help stretch the theme out over the whole week and continue it on to an outfit of the day post featuring some of my new favorite purchases from the capital. With staying in the Hyde Park area we started off the day with a walk around Kensington Gardens and into Hyde park where a lot of walking was to be had. Then we ventured towards The Royal Albert Hall then got on the tube to go to Oxford Circus for dinner. It was a lovely day around London and a perfect opportunity to do an outfit of the day for you. 



I decided to make the scarf (which you will have seen in my last W/W/W post) the main focus of the outfit with keeping that as the burst of colour and keep the rest of the outfit to dark colours. This scarf I brought from a vintage stall at portobello market which I have a explained more in my last post which will be linked here: 


As I said I wanted to keep the outfit in the remit of dark colours however I didn’t want to make the whole outfit black and wanted to try and pair it with another opposing pattern.  


Despite appearing grey on screen the top I am wearing is actually a very small black and white cheque. This top is almost the transition between a jumper and a top so is good for the autumn weather and this transitional period in the UK. Despite it obviously not being a colour it is a bit different for the plain T shits and jumper that I usually wear with its check pattern and also goes well with the bright red pattern of the scarf. Also its a good length with it being slightly cropped but not too cropped so it won’t show too much of your stomach with jeans. You can’t really see here but underneath this jumper I have paired it with a little plain white lacy cami top just to have that bit of lace poking through at the bottom. Now I love layering and its sometimes nice to have a bit of something else poking through at the bottom or a top to add interest and different textures to an outfit (and also warmth being in cold and rainy England)  


On the bottom half I decided to wear my new Topshop black ripped skinny jeans. I will admit that when they first came into fashion I was not a fan and still in some cases I’m not, if the rips are too clean cut, too high up or plainly too many of them(would like to look as if a tiger has not attacked my trousers). If the rips is directly on or slightly below the knee and is distressed and sort of fraying enough I think the look can work creating grungey and distressed image. I think they work best when paired with quite simple items like a plain cropped T shirt or an oversized shirt or jumper. If put with something bright patterned and colourful it I think it would over power the outfit with trying to put too many trends together with the ripped jeans being quite a strong trend on their own. 



Finally one item it feels of this hall isn’t brand new and never been worn before are my Topshop black leather ankle boots.Now the struggle is real when it comes to finding the perfect pair of black ankle boots. To me they always seem to be a bit to loose around the ankle, have too many zips, too much of a high heal or simply with my budget too much of a price tag. However with this pair, I may have seems to have struck gold (or at least silver with being a perfectionist!)  I had my eyes on this pair in Topshop right from when they first came out but, true to form with them being real leather the price was a bit out of my range so I left and secretly hoped that if i lost a tooth that the tooth fairy may have started giving out brand new leather boots instead! But unfortunately this didn’t happen but when I finally stumbled across them in the sale for half the price, there were coming home in my bag. When i’m looking for new shoes I like to be able to find a pair which I will be wearing until I simply  can’t wear them anymore due to them no longer looking like shoes and more like scraps of leather.  

I generally just love most things about them, the leather there made of, the hight of them around the ankle, the hight of the heal, the gold hardware detailing on the side and the strap detailing around the front. Now if i’m being picky I would wish that the side wasn’t open around the bucket area due to the odd occasion of pesky stones getting inside them (and also maybe the blisters they gave me on this day, that will teach me to not not wear socks int them) but on the whole a pat on the back there to Topshop!  


The few accessories I was wearing were my brown T K Maxx sunglasses, a small vintage black handbag, and wide sterling silver ring, both found at Portobello Market (if you can’t already tell I really liked Portobello Market, I mean, i’ve only left a couple of hints right?) 

Photos taken by Tom Flathers


Outfit details again: 

Jumper: Urban Outfitters (very similar) 


Jeans: Topshop 


Boots: Topshop


Coat (hung on bag): H and M (similar at asos)


Sunglasses: T K Maxx (proper Rayban version)


Scarf: Vintage 

Bag: Vintage

And thank you again to the very lovely tom fathers for the great photos. 

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SPOTLIGHT ON: Designer Focus on Archie Mac Ldn

SPOTLIGHT ON: Designer Focus on Archie Mac Ldn

Now if it is bright and colourful, like a magpie to a milk bottle top, I will be flocking towards it at high speed. Hence the reason that I have chosen Archie Mac London for my first Designer Focus post. 

With bold, abstract and kaleidoscope effect designs the brand really is one that you won’t be able to walk past on a shelf in a hurry. 

Archie Mac London (AML) was set up by self taught designer Robyn Parker. After going back to college to try and find her creative path and inspired by her granddads old drawings she’d found (those of Archie McMillan – where the brand name was also derived) , AML was born!  


This was another designer that I found while surfing the realms of Instagram


All of her work is digitally created pattern designs starting out life as photographs and then repeated and rotated to create these beautiful designs.  

The way I design is largely a process of repetition and rotation. I think this comes from a real curiosity with seeing how patterns are formed within our universe. I’m fascinated by sacred geometry and fractals, and the patterns that appear in nature. The process of sort of kaleidoscoping an image leads to my designs all having something hidden in them.’’ 


The kaleidoscope effect is one of my favourite elements within her work, as she mentioned, almost emulating the patterns found within semi precious stone and fossils. With being a lover of semi precious jewllery it makes a lot of sense that this is a reason I love it.  However I was most intrigued to find out that is wasn’t paintings or drawings or nature photographs she used to create these designs. With her current collection all based around children toys and childhood objects it is only when you look at the designs up close that you notice it is objects such as barbie dolls and toy robots that have been repeated and rotated to create these intricate kaleidoscopes.   


I love her use of photography within her pattern designs being able to show so much more in print than you can achieve with traditional printing and dyeing methods. 


Despite being rather partial to a kaleidoscope within my own work my favourite design of her’s must be the linear ones reminding me of aztec and bohemian designs with the bright linea zig zags layered onto of each other. Not going to lie, I’m rather jealous that these aren’t part of one of my own collections. 


Archie Mac Ldn’s tag line pretty much sums up the brand in one fail swoop, ‘The Crusade agains beige!’ there is defiantly no beige insight with this line of work.   


 Now the bright garish colours, funky shape and pom pom trim may not be to everyones taste but, if this the crusade against beige you are fighting, then Archie Mac London’s bright and explosive patterns are on it’s way to winning the war. 

Archie Mac London is available to buy online at:


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SPOTLIGHT ON: Chloe Natalie Knott – Textile Design (yes thats me!)

SPOTLIGHT ON: Chloe Natalie Knott – Textile Design (yes thats me!)

Now this week it may look like I have skimmed on giving you some normal content and just resulted in doing some shameless self promotion. I can assure you in this case that the above is most defiantly not..not true.   

As another mission to keep myself busy during long break off I thought I thought what better than as start a business (as you do). After putting together some hand drawn designs which I didn’t really have many intentions for, I got the chance to get back into the workshops and get some lovely screen prints done.

work in progress

After creating a lot of samples at first which I didn’t really have any intention to do anything with, it crossed my mind that I could make something out of these.  It was at this point that the makeup bag brain wave happened. 

I thought makeup bags were a great place to start in that there quite simple and easy to make, cheap to create and with the right fabrics put together can look really beautiful and be really functional. 

Now most of my work which you may know If you have had a look at my portfolio (link here https://www.flickr.com/photos/129012653@N05/albums) that I have a preference to work with blues and red however with this collection to mix it up a bit I wanted to introduce some other colours to my prints resulting in a collection with pink, orange and yellow in aswell.  

The first collection which I have avalible to buy consists of a beautiful collection of one off prints that are designed, hand screen printed and sewn together by myself.


The second collection is created out of a selection of a lovely collection of fabrics I have collected and combined together in a range of sizes and designs. I wanted to celebrate some the beautiful fabrics which are available on the market already and which have given me inspiration for some of my designs so have created this collection to showcase these.  


All of these bags are available to purchase on Etsy and are very reasonably priced between £8 and £14. There all one off so when they are gone there gone! would love it if you could take a look. Also take a look at our Facebook page for all the lasted updates and info.

Some of my favourites from the collection: 

Collection 1:


Collection 1 Item 2

Collection 1 Item 3

Collection 1 Item 4

Collection 1 Item 5

Collection 1 Item 6

Collection 1 Item 8

Collection 2

Collection 2 Item 1

Collection 2 Item 2

Collection 2 Item 3

Collection 2 Item 4

Collection 2 Item 5

Collection 2 Item 6

Collection 2 Item 7

Collection 2 Item 8

Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ChloeNatalieKnott?ref=hdr_shop_menu 

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/chloenatalieknotttextiles?ref=hl

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SPOTLIGHT ON: Vogue Catwalk Edition

SPOTLIGHT ON: Vogue Catwalk Edition

Whenever I look in a magazine the fashion pages are always the ones which I flick to first, so when I found Vogue: Catwalk Edition entirely based what was on the runways at this autumn/winter 2015 season. 

Vogue cover

Also having all the best items condensed down to categories in one magazine it defiantly made my evenings of research a lot easier instead of scouring vogue.com for hours! 

If I was to describe to you the whole magazine in detail you would probably be spending at least the next 5 hours reading this blog, which despite I would be delighted that you were putting in that much commitment, I don’t think it would be the best use of your time, so for the need of brevity, I have selected 3 of my favourite sections to share with you. 

21st Century Opulance

21st century opulence 

Now as someone who doesn’t particularly like shiny or glitzy garment, usually this may be an odd style for me to be drawn to however with pattern and colour being the 2 main visual qualities which I love to within fashion, the glittering jacquard prints and shimmering embroidery within the 21st century opulence trend really has caught my eye.  

Now I think all magpies can vouch for me on this that anything with gold and silver undertones in it will attract your attention especially incorporated with lots of colour.  When trying to incorporate lots of pattern, colour and shine designs can sometimes look overdone and that you have tried to incorporate too much within one design, but when all those elements are balanced correctly the style can really work. One of the main ways I think to make these prints and fabrics work is to keep the garment shape simple. Stick to simple cuts and good tailoring in order to let the fabric do the talking and not over power that with extra bells and whistles. This is shown well within in louis Vuitton’s collection (3rd from the right) with his slight twist on a shift dress with adding puff sleeves and a zip down the front but letting the silver in and pink embroidery be the main focus of the dress and also within Erin Fetherston’s sleek and simple dress coat with slight Chinese connotations  of the high rounded collar, buttons down the front and brightly golden fabric. 

If you had read my last post you will know that ethnic/bohemian style designs and prints are a big inspiration to me. The styles of pattens and designs lend themselves well to this style of garments as shown within Burberry Prorsum’s collection (4th from left). Burberry are a very well known British brand most well known for there simple yet highly stylish trench coats. However with this season and their Prorsum collection they have turned them on there head and added lots of pattern, embellishment and embroidery which I love.      

From all of these designers clashing colours and patterns are featured within many of these design combinations. For instance Marques Almedia (2nd from left)  with the 3 different contrasting floral prints, mixing together the blue blue, green, pink and orange which may not usually be paired together like this but here it works.  Also within the way how he has left the hem on these garments raw and ripped adds rougher element to the garment which help to give it a more thrown together feel which is already emulated within the clashing of prints and layering of fabrics.  One of my top designers Erdem (6th from right) I was pleased to see have also adopted this trend with adding metallic embroidery to his normal prints. 

Great Lengths

Great Lengths 

As someone who doesn’t tend to make a particularly bold statement with the way she dresses and prefers to slip into the background, full length skirts has been something that I have defiantly shied myself away from, with the feeling that they can feel a bit too dressy and making too much a statement. For along time maxi dresses and skirts weren’t at the forefront of fashion with them being reserved only for black tie situations or the elderly. 

At this time the focus being more on the mini, with seeing how short your skirt can be before it turns into a belt. But with the boho trend reoccurring over the past few years and specifically the 70’s trend this summer, long flowing maxi skirts are back with avengeance. With this long line skirts have become very popular over the past few years especially with the introduction of the midi/below the knee skirt making the transition between mini to maxi more appealing. 

If your someone like me and feel as if you have just stepped out of Downton Abbey if you wear a full length skirt a good way to start out is will a plain, block coloured one. As I am a lover of anything monochrome black and grey is a good place to start.  As you can see her many designers such as Lavin, Marc Jacobs and J Crew have opted for this style mostly co-ordinating them with a dark coloured top and cinching it in at the waist with a large belt making the whole outfit have a lovely feminine shape which I love.  

But if you would prefer to go the whole hog then there is no reason why not to go a for a very colourful patterned one. Tom Ford (4th from right, top row) has done exactly this by creating a big, bold and colourful pattern for the skirt. I like how he has kept it rather fitting and slim line to overdo the item with meters and meters of flowing fabric. Paired with a black peplum top allows the skirt to be the centre of attention.   

Ripping Yarns

Ripping Yarns 

Knitwear if going to be a trend that comes around very autumn/winter season however be it winter or summer, knitwear in all its different shapes and sizes will make an appearance in my wardrobe. Some of us will only use knitwear as a functionality piece, just to keep the cold at bay however more and more often over the recent years, the trend of using knitwear as a statement clothing item has been coming back (You know when your obsession of knitwear has gone to far when you start wearing it in the heat of the summer just because you really want to wear it, resulting in sweaty consequences). 

The 80’s were the era of the big oversized brightly coloured jumpers making a name for themselves in the fashion world and with many 80’s trends coming back into the spotlight, this is one of them to do so. This is defiantly a trend which I have used and abused with them being incredibly practice with being a very easy item to throw on to get out of the house quickly, comfortable and also brilliant at hiding a multitude of sins!  Max Mara (6th from the left)  is one designers who has been using the oversized trend, keeping the jumper its self quite simple in muted tones with simple knitted detail but making it baggy and elongated to make it oversized. 

Knitwear hasn’t always been the go to item of clothing if wanting to dress smartly, however teamed with the right skirt or trousers it can work and is starting to be paired more and more with smarter items on our runways. One way in which our woollens have been been brought into the boardroom are by adding pattern to the jumper.  Creating a co-ord set as seen done by Peter Pilato (9th from left) with the pattern in the skirt spreading it’s self up into the jumper makes the outfit look very cohesive and put together and like you mean business!  

Jonathan Saunders (7th from the left) has chosen a slightly different approach to this trend by by starting with a solid block colour pair of trousers and paired them with a highly square  jumper and clashing the coloured in it with the trousers. Now I don’t particularity like the pairing of clashing the pink and the red together but is defiantly an example of bringing a jumper and suit trousers together. 


When you think of adding embellishments to a jumper some goggly eyes and a carrot nose, maybe even some fairy lights if your lucky on a garish christmas jumper to me is what firstly springs to mind.  Santa clause’s friends aside embellishments are now being used more and more within out everyday knitwear. Delpozo (5th from right) has taken adding a frill onto a jumper to the extreme of adding onto of what would have been quite a plain, think, grey roll neck jumper 2 large sections of grey and red frills. Now this may not be to everybody’s taste with it slightly looking like you are being attacked by a large sea anemone however it defiantly livened up a perviously dull jumper.  

All images provided by Vogue.com  

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