Life in a leather jacket

Life in a leather jacket







Now I may not be a member of the Hells Angels and I definitely don’t have a Harley Davidson tucked away in my garage (as if i even have a garage) but it doesn’t mean I haven’t used and abused wearing a leather jacket. Since purchasing this little beauty back in the spring from Topshop, there has rarely been a day when I have reached to put on anything else. With it being in my favourite colour/not colour black, it instantly brings out that inner rock chic which I had somewhere hiding within me and probably makes me look about 10 times cooler than i actually am at heart. 

But never mind the jacket, lets talk a little more about that little interesting denim item I have on. As someone who for a very long time now has barely taken off her plain black skinny jeans and has never wanted to make a statement in the denim, thinking I really should not be drawing too much attention to those tree trunks. All in all these really shouldn’t be something that I am interested in however, some tiny corner of my brain (which definitely wasn’t the money saving part) propelled me to try these on in Topshop and I knew that they would fit perfectly in my wardrobe.





Over the past few years we have seen jeans move from the pairs of trouser that everyone wears for practicality and comfort into more interesting fashion statement pieces. Be it flared frayed hems, all over embroidery or the ripped knee trend which it seems everyone and their auntie has tried out, the high street is still continuing to come up with new and exciting reinventions of the humble jean. Topshop has been somewhere that I have always noticed to push the boat out with their denim pieces, probably to the extent where some other brands aren’t willing to go.

When I first picked them up I assumed that they would only work with other plain, neutral coloured items, keeping it all well within my comfort zone, but since trying them on with multiple different items i’ve realised quite how versatile they can be due to being made of the 2 colours of denim that go with everything. This is the first kind of this style that I have seen around in the shops and on the streets.This may be because nobody else likes them or just because they haven’t yet to be worn by some A lister to make them the next highly sort after thing. Whether they become a hit or a flop I will continuing jazzing up my denim these jeans this autumn winter.






Wonderful photographs by Tom Flathers 



Style File – The tapered trousers

Style File – The tapered trousers

(Hold on in there, I know there are a lot of photos)







For this look I have been channeling my inner man and gone all androgynous with one of my favourite styles of the high waisted tapered trousers. High waisted trousers and I have had a long lasting love affair for me (don’t tell the black skinnies) with last summer consisting in me living in my pair of high waisted black ones from Topshop with never wanting to wear anything else. Topshop have done their best again with this pair of dark navy pinstripe beauties. 

I love these specifically being made from such comfy fabric, I really didn’t want to take these off, a tie waist band synching you in at the waist to add a more feminine touch and a great cut. These are a great versatile pair of trousers working casually during the day with a cropped jumper and and flat shoes, or dressed up in the evening with a nice lightweight shirt and heals (like I ever wear heals). 









Finding this style such a flattering shape for me, I find them such a breath of fresh air from the normal jeans and T shirt combo  all students are very familiar with. Being fitted and high waisted its nice sometimes its nice for the change to wear something a bit more form fitting encouraging you to put a bit more effort in and show off those curves. However I haven’t been afraid to throw on my biggest baggiest jumper over them in one of those just get out and go moments. 




Now they may not be bright yellow covered in purple spots but being made in this lovely navy pinstripe to me they are a rather statement trouser so unsurprisingly the rest of the outfit consists of black, black and more black. 







As you may have been able to tell this was my second little post from my lovely day in Bath. In England I don’t think you could ask for a better setting than the undeniably beautiful royal circle and crescent in the lovely sunshine and beautiful sunset (totally decided that is where I shall ‘summer’ this year). I’ve always loved this city and was very enjoyable to explore all the little nooks and crannies while taking some lovely little photos of this beautiful city. 





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