Those matchy matchy vibes

Those matchy matchy vibes








You know those days as a girl (sorry boys) when you actually manage to end up wearing an exactly matching set of underwear and you actually feel like you are winning at life and could take on the world? Now I wish I could say this was one of those days but without giving too much away, with my rather undesirable underware collection, mostly consisting of massive granny knickers (Bridget would be proud!) leave these days rather few and far between. However how could anyone not miss the opportunity to match their lipstick colour with their outfit?

Now I know this will come as a massive shock to all and at the risk of repeating myself for the 100th time but shirt dresses and bright lipsticks are near enough the only 2 things I ever wear. This maroon one was a new addition for me this summer. Its near enough a carbon copy of a black one which I have had and worn to death over the past few years so what better way to introduce some more colour to my wardrobe. The ultimate matching lipstick was the lovely Love Liberty from Charlotte Tilbury. I spoke more in-depth about this lipstick in my review of it linked here. I may have had a some what love hate relationship with this lipstick in the past but you can not deny how perfectly it works for this look.







Pics as ever by Tom Flathers 

Isle of Arran | Part 4

Isle of Arran | Part 4







On our second morning in Arran after spending far too long deciding on which part of the Island to go to, we decided to go right back to the same parts as the day before. Despite being a tad unadventurous, it turned out to have been a really good decision with managing to get some really cool shots with such a dramatic landscape. 

I kept the look simple with this simple marron body con dress which ended up complementing the green and beige tones of the landscape really well. As someone who tends to run and hide under a massive jumper at the very mention of the word bodycon, I was pleasantly surprised how this little number from H and M nicely skims my curves without being too clingy.  (Looks like the massive meal of venison sausages I had the night before didn’t do my waist too much harm.) 
























Brilliant photos as ever by Tom Flathers







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Style File – A Day in the Snow (again) + VLOG!

Style File – A Day in the Snow (again) + VLOG!


The snow may be long gone now here in Glasgow (yet it still decided to leave the cold weather behind) but I couldn’t help having a little reminisce about the beautiful fluffy stuff, and not just with a blog post, oh no no, with a video as well! I finally bit the bullet and decided to stray into the realms of what my mother like to call ”the youtube’’ and start vlogging. So if you would like to see me frolicking around in the snow, click the link below! 








So with the snow crunching under our feet we headed off to Kelvingrove park in the lovely west end of Glasgow to get some fun little shots. It was so nice to see so many family’s and groups of friends out enjoying the snow (and for once we didn’t look odd taking loads of photos with everyone joining on the band wagon). It was nice to let out my inner 5 year old again if not for very long throwing around some snowballs and couldn’t I resist joining this funny line up of snowmen 

As much I wanted to put on the biggest puffa jacket with many many layers of thermals underneath, I braved the cold to with one of my new favourite looks with really wanting to show it to you (don’t worry, not frost bite was caught in the making of this blog, my jacket was surprisingly warm). As ever it centres rather solely around black but I added a touch of pattern with, you guessed it, a scarf. (more about this in my statement scarf post here) 

I have to give a moment of appreciation for my favourite part of this outfit which has to be this skirt. Nowadays I far prefer long skirts over mini skirts finding them more comfortable, not worrying about putting them down all the time, more stylish and more age appropriate (god I sound about 50!) Its made of such lovely silky fabric which doesn’t cling to you, resulting in it’s meters of fabric flowing from places I didn’t know they could flow from.  With it being a dark plain colour it is very versatile meaning you could be a lot more adventurous than me with just a plain black jumper. 















53043663_99_Bhmprod (1)hmprod05J02JWBK_largeScreen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.03.39

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Style File – Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick

Style File – Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick


Charlotte Tilbury, the brand which since its launch a couple of years ago has become a staple in any beauty bloggers makeup bag. As someone who still thinks of their self as rather new to the makeup game, in terms of high end beauty game I really don’t want to be spending any of my precious student loan on bad products. With lipstick being the only thing really that I would go high end for, after seeing practically every beauty blogger under the sun raving about the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lip sticks, I had to get my hands on one. And with a nice little Selfridges gift card for crimbo it cushioned the monitary blow and finally I managed to get my little mits on one.


After much deliberation (the with red carpet red being out of stock was kind of decided it for me) I plumped for Love Liberty (points to the eagle eyed amongst you who notices it placed on Liberty London print postcards, thought it was quite apt). Matte will always be the type of lipstick that I go for with hating the feeling of my lips being all sticky and slimy. I like to be able to put it one and forget about it with not having to think to top it up from time to time. 

Now I don’t think i am going to get away with this review without comparing this to my beloved Mac Matte lipsticks with this new one having a high bar to try and match. I went for Love Liberty as I thought this was the closest and the best alternative to my all time favorite being that of Mac Mehr, just being a little on the darker side (see already guilty and its not quite as dark as it seems in the picture)


With all the hype surrounding these lipsticks with most beauty bloggers praising them to the high heavens I was annoyed when after trying it out I was slightly disappointed. I didn’t find its longevity and staying power to be quite as good as I hoped with finding that after just a few hours it was looking patchy feeling that I needed to reapply it. I did find it easier to apply with it being quite creamy in texture but this is what probably lead it to not last as long. 

Also personally I was a little unsure not he colour when first applying it with it being a bit more pink than my usual shades however I have grown to love and it I’ve found it is a beautiful colour when worn with Maroon. Also I can’t not talk about a charlotte Tilbury product without a mention to the packaging, just need to remember to keep it out of reach of any passing magpies.  

Charlotte Tilbury Love Liberty is available to purchase at Selfridges 

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