Black and white is back

Black and white is back












There will have rarely been day over the last couple of years where black and white haven’t been staple items within my outfit. From dresses to jumpers my wardrobe has become a sea of blacks, whites and greys (with a couple of hints of red thrown in for good measure). Call it boring, funeral attire, stylish or simple one reason I like it in particular is that it is just easy. Dressing and shopping become so much simpler when you know that everything you buy and wear will mostly likely go with everything else in your wardrobe and never having to worry if that colour will go with anything.

The strappy top or dress over T shirt trend has been a huge trend this past season. Not only do I like the look of it but the practicality of being able to wear your more summery items into the autumn and winter months has been an added bonus. This little black number from Urban Outfitters has to be one of my favourites with it fitting like a glove but I love the edgier side of it with having the longer hems at the sides and the square strappy neckline (and was a lovely little sale bargain to boot!) Despite making more of an effort recently to add a splash of colour here and there, especially helped with my new found love of vintage 90’s dresses,  I will always be monochrome lover at heart.














PHOTOS: TOM FLATHERS (at The Custard Factory, Birmingham)

DRESS (similar) | TOP | SHOES | BELT

Photos from the Aegon Classic

Photos from the Aegon Classic

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get the chance to be an accredited photographer (I got a press pass and everything!) at the Aegon Classic women tennis tournament in Birmingham. Having never shot live sport or even seen a tennis match in person before you might say I was a little thrown in at the deep end. But with having the whole weekend there, i had plenty of time to try and get the hang of it. 

It was actually rather different than I was expecting, with thinking it was going to be very high paced and constantly on the go, trying to get the best shots. However I actually found it on a whole quite slow and monotonous process, waiting for the precise moments when the player and the ball are in the exact right position before you even think about pressing the shutter. 

Also one massive difference I noticed from any other style photography I have done before (theatre, portrait etc) was that obvious with it being a live match nothing it pre planned and you have no idea what the players are going to do next, where they are going to run on the court ect. My usual process of wanting to have everything pre planned out before I start pretty much had to be thrown out the window for this one. 

The rain did its best to try and stop play however over the qualifying weekend we managed to get a good 5 matches in on centre court (2 including Laura Robson which I was a little too excited about).   

In the end after wading through hundreds of photos of awkward arm pit shots, shots of half a player and shots which were just plainly out of focus these ones seem to be pretty much the best of the bunch. 

I also put together a little mini vlog of one of the days for you all, oh I am spoiling you ;)

























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My 5 top posts of 2015

My 5 top posts of 2015

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your not feeling to delicate this morning from partying the last year away with a bang. My evening in with the laptop and a mug of hot chocolate was certainly a wild one ;) With staying in this new year I decided to put my spare time to good use and do a little extra bonus post for the new year looking back at my top 5 blog posts of the year. Enjoy! 

If you want to read them in full Just click on the header image to take you straight to each post.

Over the past year on our wonderings me and Tom have managed to get some lovely little collections of style blog photos. It was a tough choice with so many to choose from but I think I’ve managed to narrow it down to my 2 favourites.

My favorite location would have to be shooting at the Grand Central shopping centre in Birmingham. Still in its nice brand new shiny state we got some great little shots here from the lovely walk ways to the escalators at the back!




Outfit wise this one would probably be my favourite all due to the orange coat. With my annual task of finding a winter coat when finding this orange one this year I knew it would be the perfect statement item addition to my wardrobe for my winter wardrobe. With the autumnal leaves all out in full force it was a lovely orangey yellow backdrop was perfect for this look. 





This year at Fabric Forward we went headlong into christmas with a collection of specially festive features. My favourite has to the one focusing on my own brand of Chloe Natalie Knott hand made makeup bags, pretty much for my cute christmassy christmas tree background alone! (and couldn’t resist a slight plug of my own products :P) 

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tree banner



I think this post had to be dedicated to all my friends who will remember the days of me setting their tea towels on fire (I don’t like cooking on gas!) I think this post had to be dedicated to all my friends who will remember the days of me setting their tea towels on fire (I don’t like cooking on gas!) With moving away to university this year, in order to fend for myself cooking an obvious everyday necessity. With finding that I can actually create edible and surprisingly tasty food I wanted to branch out from various versions of the same pasta dish to baking. (And with the boredom of student life it wasn’t a bad way to pass the time.)  On my first attempt these raspberry and white chocolate muffins were what I created and I was chuffed on their lovely taste and couldn’t resist sharing the recipe on the the blog. 

header 2




Helping to expose new and up and coming brands has always been a focus for the blog with so many brilliant new brands out there. My favourite brand focus of this year would have to be the joint one I did for Mulk and Ding Ding. These were 2 brands which when I found I instantly brought and fell in love with Mulk’s bright and simple geometric patterns and Ding Dings beautiful hand screen printed designs.





It’s been a great 6 months here on the blog and I can’t believe it has been that long, it go so fast! Stay tuned into the new year I have lots of new and exciting things planned and I can’t wait to get cracking!

C x

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Style File – Christmas Market

Style File – Christmas Market

Once again I popped along to the Birmingham Christmas Market and with the beautiful bright lights of the christmas wheel behind me, what better place to take some outfit photos.





After a long time reluctance too avoid the 70’s bandwagon with feeling my hippy phases should stay as distant memory as all those gypsy skirts back in 2005, I finally gave in and broke the seal with the button down mini skirt from Topshop. I may not be adopting the full on suede and fringing look complete with cow boy boots quite yet, however it is a nice change from my usual black denim jeans. 

This ended up a very colourful look for me with the addition of this spotted wrap around top from American Apparel with this lovely colourful circle pattern. When I first think of a wrap top I can’t help but be transported to being a little girl running, rather ungracefully through my ballet class, but with them becoming ever more fashionable all grown up I get to wear them again.  American Apparel has always been brand I have loved for their simple and stylish basics however, spending 3 times my weekly food shop on a basic is rather unjustifiable for any student, especially when Primark is just around the corner, but with their 75% off black Friday sale, this top along with a pair of jeans very soon became all mine at a fraction of their normal prices.  

With wanting to avoid adding anymore colours or patterns to the look at the risk no longer recognising myself I simply paired it with this large black scarf and my patent black Doc Martens. 


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Wrap top – American Apparel (various AA wrap tops) 

Skirt – Topshop 

Scarf (simular) – Asos

Shoes – Doc Marten 

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Spotlight On – Birmingham German Market

Spotlight On – Birmingham German Market

Happy Christmas Eve everybody! With it being rather bright and sunny outside for me at the moment sometimes it is hard to believe that the day for snow and cozying up by the fire is tomorrow. With this blog having been in the festive spirt for quite some time now with all my festive features it only seemed right to continue this up unto the big day. With a major perk of student life being that of the long holidays it’s been a great opportunity to busy myself with the blog.




What better way to get in the festive spirt than a visit to Birmingham’s Christmas Market. Many cities throughout the country have their own versions but as the holder of the largest in Europe outside of Germany covering the near enough the whole city centre, Birmingham’s is a lovely day out. Ever since the first time I visited it years ago its been a staple part of my festive season activities in the Knott household. 



From your bratwurst’s to your baubles, these can all be found amongst the beautifully decorated stalls. When the sun had set and despite the rain and cold trying to dampen our spirits but the beautiful orange and red glow amongst the rides and stalls helped to make us feel warm and toasty.  








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Spotlight on – Birmingham Grand Central

Spotlight on – Birmingham Grand Central

With christmas very close on the horizon and uni coming to an end for the year as Chris Rea famously sang its time for driving (or for many of us taking a long train journey) home for christmas, with my train station destination being Birmingham New street.  

With it having only opened in September of this year I was very lucky to get the chance to take some photos around the brand new Birmingham’s Grand Central shopping centre. When I first visited it a couple of weeks ago I knew with it being such a large open space with great lighting that it would look great for the blog, and low and behold a couple of days ago I ended up there doing exactly that.  







Having made many trips to Birmingham New Street over the years and seeing half the station boarded up with this new building being built, it is so nice to finally see the brilliant result. I think its a great addition to Birmingham with the great restaurants and shops it has to offer. 






The look for this shoot I kept very simple styling one of my favourite new pieces being this floral teal blue dress from Urban Outfitters.  Within the winter months my wardrobe generally takes the turn into mostly dresses, thick tights and jumpers with finding this way of layering being the best way to keep warm and comfy. This one is a great addition for me this year with the lovely deep teal colour and small brown floral print. With the high neck line, bow collar and front pleat, this dress has a rather 60’s vibe about it with being a great way at getting a vintage inspired look. 




Urban outfitters never fail to stock some lovely pretty floral dresses and various cuts and colours within their eclectic mix of stock. This one I was lucky to manage to pick in the black Friday sales so made it a lot more reasonably priced for Urban Outfitters. 




Along with a simple pair of opaque black tights I completed the look with these patent Doc Marten shoes, adding a masculine twist to the look. 


Thank you very much to Grand Central for the opportunity to use their facilities and I look forward to seeing it again. 

Grand Central station Birmingham 

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Blue dress – Urban Outfitters 

Shoes – Doc Martens

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