Style File | Colourful Jumper

Style File | Colourful Jumper







I can’t think of a time in my life when I wasn’t a fan of a good old brightly coloured jumper. Be it at Christmas time or middle of summer (yes even summer), brightly coloured jumpers manage to weasel their way into my wardrobe somehow. 

This bright little beauty from Topshop was a recent addition in the new years sales this year. With colour being a rarity for me this is defiantly on the bolder side for my muted wardrobe, however I think it has become one of my new favourites.  Jumpers tend to be one of my favourite ways of introducing colour with it being so easy to chuck on with black, black and more black along side ticking all the boxes of warmth, comfort and versatility. I seem to have gone a bit Topshop crazy with this outfit with my jeans, jacket and belt also residing from Topshop with a nice little touch of mango and (obviously) Doc martens thrown in for good measure.  







image3xxl image1xxl Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 00.08.47 2655004105_2_3_1 TS23N01JBLK_Zoom_F_1



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Spotlight on – Getting organised and proactive!

Spotlight on – Getting organised and proactive!

As I sit here surrounded by 4 notepads having just planned out my week ahead in acute detail, I do tend to think of myself as a rather organised person. There have been many times in my life where I wish I could get my nose out of my dairy and just let everything role along happily but with my brain seeming more sieve like than brain like, if its not written in my diary and well as being written on reminder post it notes and my daily lists, then it will get forgotten. Now with it still being the beginning of a new year (only just realised it is now February, that still counts right?), what better time for everyone to get organised and help get their life in gear. So here are a few of my little tips for trying to stay organised! 


We all know that extremely satisfying experience of being able to cross to tick something off a list right, well with being a list obsessive you get this lovely experience many times a day. 

One of these can seem like a little gift from god when times get busy and hectic. Being able to off load all the big and small things into one manageable list to work through seems to make my life a whole lot easier. But you do need to make sure that this list writing doesn’t go to far. It can be a dangerous business ;) Firstly don’t let it get to the point when you write ‘write new list’ on your list…been there far too many times. And secondly, try not to have too many notebooks not the go at once, you may forget which one your current list is then, then all hell may break loose ;)


Even if you don’t have to plan getting one child to football practice and another at ballet while taking yourself to yoga, weekly planners or diaries are the way forward. I like being able to put down everything I have planned for the week onto one page to see how much I have to do, If things clash and if some things need to be moved around. With being thoroughly stuck the dark ages this process definitely stays on paper for me and hasn’t yet sneaked onto the phone or computer. Like I like being able to hold a proper book rather than a kindle, I like being able to plan my week out with a paper and pen, add things in and cross things out (without messing up the perfectly neat handwriting ;) .) 



For the moment when inspiration strikes and no notebook or diary seems to be within easy reach, this is when that pile of sticky notes lurking in the corner of your desk has their moment to shine. I particularly love this pack from knock knock with the different colours and slogans. Now I can’t say I have much to delegate or much I can eagerly write down to put off, but out of pure beauty, they will get used on occasion.  

As much as I try to organise myself putting all the right steps in place, my productivity levels can drop towards the floor. With a cosy bed day in front of I Player looking so much more appealing than chaining yourself to your desk, (I’m really selling working here aren’t I) sometimes we just have to get round to it. So here are some of my top tips at getting proactive. 


HAVING A ROUTINE (as boring as it sounds) 

Now I’m not expecting everyone to be getting up at 6:30 sharp everyday, having a kale and spinach smoothie, heading to the gym for a long work out and then effortlessly slipping back into your perfectly scheduled work routine (god knows I don’t do that,) however having a routine  can be so beneficial for being proactive. One of the most productive times of my life was when I was back in college. I look back on the days of getting up at 6:45 every day and wondering how the hell I did it, with me now being a uni student me and 6:45 have not met in a long time. But i think being able to do this was partly down to having such a rigid routine. With most days following the same sort of pattern, getting up and working felt a lot easier because your body does the exact same thing every day and knows what it has to do. I’m not saying that I used to spring out of bed wide awake and fresh as a daisy at 6:45, however being busy and having a routine works a lot better for me than getting up when I want and doing work whenever I want. 


I’m not talking about anyone working in the nude should put clothes on, if that works for you then go ahead, but what I do mean is get out of those pyjamas and put of on some normal clothes. I like anyone else will always be inclined to have a lazy day of wearing lounge wear but just changing into jeans and a T shirt can make such a difference, separating yourself from relaxing mode to working mode. 



Im a sucker for anything with a pretty pattern on it, what can I say, i’m a textile’s student. But if i find a lovely pretty notebook or set of stationary I am far more likely to want to write in it, even if I don’t have anything to write! 


MAKE STARBUCKS YOU NEW OFFICE (other cafe’s are available)

Now I’m not saying work out of the house everyday, staying in the conform of your home with snacks on tap can be very appealing however, however once or twice a week is a nice little change to freshen up our surrounds and get out of the house. Now dreading the day that baristas at my local cafe will say ’the usual?’, living in a big city I like being able to explore and go around and try different cafe’s (or at least just a different branch of Costa) to work.Also with this being somewhat of a trend nowadays to get productive over you pain au chocolat, sometimes it’s nice to work around other people doing the same thing as you, however the noisy family of 7 to your left throwing coffee around may get annoying after a little while. 

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JANuary Favourites – Thats Tres Vogue colab!

JANuary Favourites –  Thats Tres Vogue colab!

So with it being a new year I have joined the band waggon of monthly favourites. Not only is this my first favourites blog post (with finally getting round to it) but also very excitingly this is my very first blogger collaboration! This month with the lovely Phaedra from Thats Tres Vogue. I’ve done my 5 beauty favourites for this month here and head over to Phaedra’s blog to have a look at all her lovely goodies (all links below)

Ciate nail varnish in Tweed and Tails– I tend to struggle to find the patients to sit down and paint my nails however when I do this is always one I reach for this lovely dark olive colour form Ciate. As well as being a lovely colour it is really long lasting so great for the lazy nail folk like me.

Maybelline colour tattoo 24hr cream eyeshadows (Permanent Taupe and On and on Bronze) – With not being very proficient with eye shadows trying to use brushes and blend shades and ect I love using cream eye shadows with them being simple and easy and only need you finger to apply. These Maybelline ones are great due to having a smooth and creamy texture but dry down quickly to avoid creasing and smudging. They come in a great range of colours and work well on their own, or layered as I do with these 2 and obviously with other shadows too. 

Schwarzkopf pro styling power wax – Having never been one for hair products with my hair care routine consisting of simply just washing and air drying it, I thought it was about time, especially with now having short hair and not being able to just throw it up in a bun, that I put some effort into styling it a bit. This Schwarzkopf wax is great for adding a bit of texture to your hair and has been great at giving my curls a bit more bounce and definition. 


Bobbi Brown creamy matte lip colour in Tawny Pink – Since the finishing up of my beloved Mac Mehr recently (really need to stop talking about that) and with my closets store seeming to always be rammed to the brim, in a mission to find a similar replacement I came across this lovely one from Bobbi Brown and haven’t taken if off since. This is such a nice and creamy matte lipstick which dries down to be nice and long lasting. Its a bit darker than my beloved Mehr but I still think its such a nice colour for your lips which will go well with many different skin tones.

The Balm voyage pallet (Volume 2)– I love being able to find a pallet which has everything you need all in one. This one by The Balm includes a great selection of products from its selection of eye shadows, all easy to apply and buttery in texture with a mixture of matte and shimmery shades. I tend to turn more to the browny/beigey shades but this pallet would give me the option to go a bit bolder if I fancied. With The Balm being known for their highlighter’s with everyone seeming to own the Mary Lou manizer this one in this pallet doesn’t fail to disappoint with it producing a lovely subtle shimmer to the cheeks. With still being a bit scared of contouring I can’t say I have perfected using the contour powder but that can stay for me as a work in progress. Being so versatile and compact this pallet would be great for traveling. Also this was another great T K Maxx bargin for me so it worked out to being great value for money which you can’t be love  


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calling all bloggers

(At the risk of sounding too much like a WWW2 propaganda poster) Do you have a blog? Are you looking to collaborate with another blogger? Then fabric forward wants you! 

Im currently looking for any other bloggers or youtubers who are looking to collaborate on content with me. Be it an outfit of the day photoshoot, beauty review, monthly favourites or a lifestyle activity I would love to work with you and help us all make or blogs bigger and better. 

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I look forward to hearing from any of you!

Love c x





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Spotlight On – Birmingham German Market

Spotlight On – Birmingham German Market

Happy Christmas Eve everybody! With it being rather bright and sunny outside for me at the moment sometimes it is hard to believe that the day for snow and cozying up by the fire is tomorrow. With this blog having been in the festive spirt for quite some time now with all my festive features it only seemed right to continue this up unto the big day. With a major perk of student life being that of the long holidays it’s been a great opportunity to busy myself with the blog.




What better way to get in the festive spirt than a visit to Birmingham’s Christmas Market. Many cities throughout the country have their own versions but as the holder of the largest in Europe outside of Germany covering the near enough the whole city centre, Birmingham’s is a lovely day out. Ever since the first time I visited it years ago its been a staple part of my festive season activities in the Knott household. 



From your bratwurst’s to your baubles, these can all be found amongst the beautifully decorated stalls. When the sun had set and despite the rain and cold trying to dampen our spirits but the beautiful orange and red glow amongst the rides and stalls helped to make us feel warm and toasty.  








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Theatre Focus – Macbeth

Theatre Focus – Macbeth

Don’t worry, this isn’t a brand new everyday makeup look which I am trying out, I don’t think the dark grey contouring and very heavy black eye shadow will catch on that soon. 

Another area of my life which I have never spoken about on the blog before is that of theatre and performing. Through most of my life I have been performing on stage be it through singing, dancing or acting. Now the call from Hollywood or The West End may not have come quite yet however most recently I took part in Students Theatre at Glasgow’s autumn production of Macbeth. 

As a huge lover of Shakespeare, Macbeth was always a show which I had my eye on if the opportunity came about with loving its dramatic story line and tragic ending. I was lucky enough to get cast as one of the witches, iconic to the story. 

Our version was very much a modern twist on the play, with heavily dominant elements of music (now have weirdly nostalgic love for death grips), dramatic lighting and the simple black and white modern costume, with not a corset in sight! 

Now with the unlucky stigma that comes with the play I’m not going to lie I was skeptical that something sometime was going to go wrong however we seems to get to the end without any major mishaps (other than the constant coughing fits from yours truly through the last few weeks of rehearsal.) 

This was a really exciting production to be a part of with it being one the the biggest in STaG’s history and I am very proud to have been a part of it with such an amazing cast. My post show blues are very much still rife however I can’t wait to hopefully start another. 

Here are some of the lovely photos courtesy of Richard Walker.










Just chilling…




Photos courtesy of Richard Walker.

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Festive Favourite 4 – Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

Festive Favourite 4 – Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

After the success of my first batch I couldn’t help but churn out another batch but this time with a little bit of a festive twist. 

When I think if christmas food and cooking the first thing that springs to mind for me is all the festive spices which go into making all the mince pies, christmas puddings and cake. 

I thought i’d stay simple and stick to muffins with a little christmas kick! (unfortunately not of the alcoholic variety)  



Ingredients  (to make 24) 

3 mugs of self raising flour 

1 mug of brown or white sugar 

2 eggs 

1 1/2 mugs of milk 

3/4 mug of vegetable oil 

2 apples (one in the mixture one for decoration) 

paper cases and muffin tin 


  1. Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees fan oven/200 degrees/ Gas mark 6 
  2. Mix all the dry ingredients together, then add the ‘wet ones’. 
  3. Finely chop up the apple and add to the mixture 
  4. Spoon all the mixture into individual muffin cases and place pieces of sliced apple on the top and sprinkle with sugar 
  5. and bake them in the oven for 20/25 minuets depending on the size of you muffins.  






Again instead of making the full 24 which this recipe makes I halved it to make 12 which thinking recipes never quite make what they intend to so surprisingly I actually did manage to come out with 12. 

I decided to use a normal apple instead of a cooking apple for these with wanting the chunks of apple to still remain whole instead of mush down into the cake its self.

Extra top tips for these:  

  • Fill the cases quite full of the cake mixture, they do rise but not quite as much as i thought so you don’t have to leave too much of the case for rising room
  • For the apple slices for the top, roll them in sugar before placing them on top for an extra sweet flavour.


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Photos taken on a Canon 1200D

Festive Favourite 2 – The bright red lip

Festive Favourite 2 –  The bright red lip

When you think of typically christmassy colours, red is definatly for me the one which springs to mind first and If there is ever an excuse to wear bright red lip, then christmas time it the time to do it. Bold lip colours are always something I would associate more with the winter months with being surrounded by the darker autumnal colours and darker winter clothing. It was always one of those things that I looked at the other people wearing and dreamed of being able to confidently pull it off. Now I’m not claiming that now a days I can effortlessly pull it off but I now managed have the confidence to wear it on a every day basis


My favourite red lipstick and the one I’m wearing in this post would have to be this classic from Mac ruby woo.This one is very much the classic bright red in my eyes with being light enough and dark enough at the same time. This is part of their retro matte collection. For me I would never go for anything other than matte. With the colour its self being so bold you don’t want to overdo it with piling shimmer or gloss onto that as well. Also, obviously you cant dispute mac’s staying power with their matte lipsticks. With this one being their retro matte formulas it is more drying than their others so by the end of the day can be a bit uncomfortable on the lips but if you keep them well moisturised before and after its perfectly fine.  



A couple of my other lip favourites:



Mac’s Russian Red – another Mac lippy, this one is slightly darker and more of the classic ‘movie star red’ and is very comfortable on the lips. If you find ruby woo a bit to drying then this is a great alternative.  

The Bourjois rouge edition velvet liquid lipstick in 04 peach club – So this one isn’t strictly a red and more on the side of an orangey red is on that I still wear a lot. This one tends to be my more red alternative in the summer months with it not being quite as brightly pigmented and lighter in colour. With it being a liquid lipstick it is very weightless on the lips. 

The Rimmle Kate Moss lipstick in 107. In terms of lipsticks from the drug store Rimmle would tend to be the brand I would go to with having such good formulas and colour ranges. The Kate Moss range has to be my favourite one of theirs. Again this one isn’t really a red more of a dark pinky plumy colour and overall a lovely berry colour for the winter.  

The rest of the products I used for this look I have all detailed in my everyday makeup routine post here. 


Mac Ruby Woo

Mac Russian Red

Bourjois rouge edition velvet liquid lipstick – peach club

Rimmle Kate Moss lipstick 107

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Photographs taken by Tom Flathers at St Fagins Castle in Cardiff 

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Chloe Cook’s – Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins

Chloe Cook’s – Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins

So I may have drifted into the realms of baking. Since moving away to university cooking has turned into something which I have actually really enjoyed doing. I find it a nice way to relax int the evening after a long day of uni and rehearsals and managing to make something better than shop brought ready meals I find a rather rewarding experience. (Just wish I could do without the washing up thats all) 


Now the other day I got the sudden urge to make some muffins (as you do) and I wanted to try and do something a bit different to the usual chocolate chip so decided to mix it up with raspberry and white chocolate chip. I’d tired this flavour shop brought before and always liked them so wanted to to try my hand hand at my own. When I set my mind to something, I will get it done!  



Now I’m not going to be someone spending ages decorating cakes with icing and what now  but with a couple of raspberries and pieces of chocolate surrounding them they look quite sweet.  


Ingredients  (to make 24) 

3 mugs of self raising flour 

1 mug of brown or white sugar 

2 eggs 

1 1/2 mugs of milk 

3/4 mug of vegetable oil 

400g tin of raspberries 

100g of white chocolate (either chocolate chips or broken up bar chocolate.) 

paper cases and muffin tin 


  1. Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees fan oven/200 degrees/ Gas mark 6 
  2. Mix all the dry ingredients together, then add the ‘wet ones’. 
  3. Drain the raspberries 
  4. Spoon all the mixture into individual muffin cases and bake them in the oven for 20/25 minuets depending on the size of you muffins.  



Im not going to lie, with still being a novice at this and with using my slightly unpredictable oven I wasn’t expecting these to go that well. However, they came out surprisingly well and were very yummy. 

Instead of making the full 24 which this recipe makes I halved it to make 12 which thinking recipes never quite make what they intend to so surprisingly I actually did manage to come out with 12. Despite obviously halving the main ingredients I decided to use the full tin of raspberries still with half not seeming like much and I wanted to make them really flavoursome. Half of the white chocolate was perfectly fine though with not wanting to make them over sickly.       

As you see I made these with raspberries and chocolate but obviously you could change the fillings around depending on what’s to your fancy.  

Extra top tips for these: 

  • Make sure the raspberries are drained really well so the mixture isn’t made too wet.  
  • Fill the cases quite full of the cake mixture, they do rise but not quite as much as i thought so you don’t have to leave too much of the case for rising room.


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Photos taken on a Canon 1200D

Style File – From day to night

Style File –  From day to night

As someone who is never keen for dressing up specially to go out in the evenings and likes to be able to have one look to carry them through from dawn until dusk so I tasked myself to try and come up with a look to do just that. Now this may not be to everyones taste, maybe its too dressed up for the day or not dressed up enough for the evening but for me its perfect. So this is what I decided to wear for a lovely day wondering around the city to going out for a meal in the evening. 




For me I think the star item of this look is the skirt. As you can tell from some of my previous post that I am a huge fan of a midi length skirt and would 9 times out of 10 always choose a midi over a mini. I find it a very easy was to try and make an outfit look effortlessly put together and stylish with minimal effort going into it. Also I like not having to worry about pulling them down all the time and that little bit extra warmth isn’t something to go amiss. Also, finally its a pencil skirt with pockets! well one on the side to de precise. With it being a patch pocket on the side it doesn’t add any bulk to the item just skims down the side and adds a handy place for any phones/money ect. As well as this I love the wrap around and tie detail at the front, this is a style which is flattering on most body shapes, helping to give you shape and appear to slim you down. It make the skirt a lot easier to walk in compared to normal pencil skirts by freeing up the bottom of it. 



The only part of this skirt I didn’t immediately like then I picked up on the hanger was the colour of it. Despite once loving it, nowadays maroon is one of those colours that I’m not particular keen on, probably with it being very close of pink. But with loving the fit and style I had to try it on and fell it love with it despite this. This was defiantly one of those finds which I think all us girls have been waiting for and I’m defiantly very happy to have picked this up by chance. 



The way I have styled this item here happens to be the way I tried the skirt on in the shop. 

While having a relaxed afternoon shopping I was wearing this dark green checked shirt and when trying them on together found that surprisingly they went together really well. With them both being quiet dark earthy colours the marron and the dark green go together really well and with the thin red/maroon lines running though the check of the shirt it helps to tie it all together. With the shirts loose fit and light weight fabric it helps to keep the outfit on the casual side clashing the more smart piece of the skirt with this relaxed fit item of the shirt. One thing I do like to do when styling outfits I like trying to pair together different items, some being smart and some really relaxed. Be it a pair of smart trousers with a relaxed oversized jumper or a silky shirt with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans I love the clash of styles and the ability to make an outfit adaptable for many situations like this one.  




If I hadn’t have worn this shirt by chance I doubt I would have put these 2 items together (especially with not at least one of them being black). Over the top of this I added my matching tartan green tartan scarf. At first I thought this might be overdoing it with double tartan but with them being a very similar I think it works well and better than adding in another print/pattern (and if you can’t in Scotland when can you  ;) ).

As ever as someone who never wears heels I matched it all as ever with my Doc Martens and for me they will work for day and night perfectly well. 


Outfit details –

Shirt (simular) – Zara 

Skirt – Forever 21 

scarf (simular) – Asos

boots – Doc Martens – Urban Outfitters 

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Photos taken by Tom Flathers

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SPOTLIGHT ON: My everyday makeup rountine

SPOTLIGHT ON: My everyday makeup rountine




So with my whole blogging thing starting off after being inspired from reading various different fashion and beauty blogs, and with the fashion section taking shape I thought it is about time to turn my hand to beauty.

I am someone who is definatly a drug store lover through and hating spending money on make up, trying to make the mascara last as long as feasibly possible with the dread of having to buy a new one. You defiantly won’t see me spending the equivalent of 2 weeks food shop on a foundation. Also as a creature of habit and a lover of a routine when it comes to makeup, most mornings consist of the same combination of products with most likely a change of lipstick. With this being defiantly my most worn look, here is a post all about my everyday makeup routine. 


Foundation, concealer and powder 


Foundation (and also concealer and setting power) products were always something that I tried to scrimp on thinking that with them hopefully not being very visible on the skin whats the point of spending lots of money on them. But after hearing so many rave reviews about the L’oreal True Match foundation and claims it was better than some high end ones I had to give it a try. By the fact I on I think my 3rd of 4th bottle of the stuff can tell you that it is defiantly my favourite foundation. Since first buying it I have tried a few other foundations from Bourjois and other L’oreal ones however I still find that this one works the best at covering what you want it to cover but not being to heavy on the skin and feel too cakey. Now as I have heard many people have despite it being called true match before they recently brought out their larger range and different formular there was never one which really matched my skin properly. But now with one of their new shades I think I have found my true match. (cheesy ending :P) 

Now this concealer is defiantly an oldy but a still goody. I remember buying it years ago generally just because it was cheap, but despite trying many others from different brands over the years the Collection lasting perfection concealer has always been the one I have come back to with it simply doing the best job as a all round concealer. 

Now I’m really no expert for power with it tending to be the thing I bulk up my boots 3 for 2 offers with knowing that it will probably be fine. However when I did get the Bourjois healthy balance power I did know there was some hype about it being rather good.  

I’d heard a lot about the whole Bourjois healthy balance range so as I said with being drawn in with a 3 for 2 purchased the powder and the foundation (and obviously something else).  Despite not being that fussed about the foundation I have been happy with this powder with it doing all the good things that powder does (see told you I know nothing about power) 



Blusher was something I can to rather late in the makeup game with always thinking that my cheeks get red enough on their own after just walking up a flight of stairs without piling on ready made pink cheeks over the top of that. But when I realised more muted tones of blush exists that can also work partly as a contor shade. This Rimmel London blusher in the shade Santa Rose is currently what I am using. I was defiantly looking for a budget blush at the time with buying this with wanting to get the No7 blush I had previously used but couldnt qualify spending that much money. Its a good enough shade for what I want. I don’t particularly like very girly pink/peachy blushes with preferring to go more for a more dusky pink like this one is to be able to slightly contour with it too. It does have a slight shimmer in it which I’m not keen one but it will do for the time being. 

Eye liner 

Eye liner

Eye liner for me has become an every day must have. Its one of those very simple and effective eye makeup looks without spending far too much time blending shadows into shadows into shadows. For me i’ve found the type that works best is felt tips with them being quick and easy to apply and no faffing around with brushes. The one that I am currently using is the L’oreal super liner perfect slim. Ive tried others from brands such as soap and glory and Rimmel which have been perfectly decent but in terms of precision of application and staying power, this one defiantly comes out top of the pile. With this having a very fine nib to it you are able to get a very precise line right next to the lash line and a nice pointy flick. It also seems to last a surprisingly long time without drying out so all in all I won’t be switching from this one for a while.  



Now with having tried many a different mascaras over the years with never usually purchasing the same one twice in order to get a range of different products. 

With being a student and my budget remaining drug store for, my holy grail product of the Clinque high impact full volume mascara which a debenhams gift card enabled purchase for me. When it comes down to the drug store i don’t think I have ever found the perfect mascara with the volumising ones I tend to go for all being rather similar. But more recently I have tended to stick more with L’oreal with finding that it seems to be a all round good brand . Im currently using the volume million lashes feline mascar and am very pleased with the results it gives. I remember years ago the release of the volume million lashes and everyone going wild for it but not having the funds it was always out of my price range. But from trying the original and now this one I can see what all the fuss was about and that it is a very good product. 



Now I know I said I was a drug store lover through and through and that is defiantly the case, but we all have our weaknesses and for me it happens to lie within the lipstick department. 

Mac you just can’t dismiss with their incredible colour range and varieties of finish. For me it will always be a matte finish with wanting to be able to put lipstick on and not feel it slipping and sliding and making my lips feel sticky.  Of the ones I’ve tried their matte formulas great with not being too drying and very long lasting on the lips. This lipstick is perfect at being able to put on and forget about and rely on the fact that even if you do eat the big sandwich for lunch it will still remain in place after. The shade mehr which I am wearing here is defiantly my most used lipstick that I own and as you can see it won’t be long until I finish this. I find it to be the perfect everyday pink with it being a noticeably darker than your lips shade but not being a bold bright pink. There was never a doubt in my mind that this was going to be a repurchasing product with it being on my lips pretty much everyday.


Foundation – L’oreal true match  

Concealer – Collection lasting perfection 

Blusher – Rimmel 

Mascara – L’oreal volume million lashes feline 

Eye liner – L’oreal super line precision slim 

Lipstick – Mac matte merh 

Photos of me taken by Tom Flathers 

My photos taken on a Canon 1200D 

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Style File – A Century of Style

Style File – A Century of Style



Now don’t worry, I haven’t gone back in time this week and started reporting on the current fashions of the Victorian age, in fact this week I took a trip to see the A Century of Style exhibition at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow. As a textiles student its very important for us to visit as many exhibitions and museums as we can to learn about all areas of our trade. Ive always been very interested at looking at fashion from throughout the years having been to see exhibitions at the V&A in London and around the country, all about fashion through the decades so this one for me was not one to miss. Instead of just writing about what I saw I thought I would talk about how I think some of the fashions back then have influenced some the of the styles today.

I chose out 2 areas in particular to talk about.  I did my best to photograph what I could but with it seeming that the interior designer at Hollister had designed the lighting for the exhibition I struggled with the lack of lighting and occasional fire escape or cctv camera lurking somewhere in the background of the picture.  

Green velvet 


Background information: 

‘Despite green being a dominant colour in nature there were relatively few natural dyes that reproduce it. For centuries any strong greens were created by over dying blues with yellow. Some softer olive shades used iron mordants to tint the yellow dyes.’ In the mid 1800 the first  true synthetic green dyes were created creating very vibrant shades of green. In reaction to these in the late 1880’s more softer pleasing tones of green returned to fashion and bringing back the use of natural plant dyes. 

‘Silk velvet was one of the most expensive materials to make due to the amount of additional thread required to create the raised pile. Its high price meant this its use was restricted to royalty, aristocrats an the clergy, but by the late 1800’s cheaper cotton velveteen was available which was increasingly worn by the affluent urban middle classes.’ 


With it now being the middle of November and the christmas party season now popping its head around the corner you can’t really go into many fast fashion stores without brushing yourself against many velvet items (and then proceeding to feel it for a few minuets just because of the lovely texture.) 

As a young girl I remember finding on of my mums old ‘going out’ dress in back of her wardrobe from her youth that she’d held onto being a beautiful velvet green figure hugging floor length dress. Many a day I used to try and dress up in it myself but at the age of 7 and a measly few feet tall it was a tad too long. 

Nowadays, personally when it comes down to my wardrobe velvet isn’t something that I am a huge fan of feeling that it is a rather dressy fabric and not particular casual, and if it can’t be worn casually I doubt I will buy it. The only velvet item which I own is a pair of black velvet leggings from urban outfitters a few years ago which I have had a lot of use out of, pairing them very casually with a big jumper and scarf combo and some winter boots. With them being black the velvet was less noticeable and easier to match with anything to make a comfortable day time look. 

With it being more of a dressy fabric if worn casually I think it is very important to stick to less is more, just because those velvet leggings and top are the same colour does not mean that they match well. Keep it to one key piece be it a skirt or a pair of shoes and find some more simple and plain items to match around it. But if you are going for the dressed up look then why not go all out with a slinky head little velvet number, but yet again, make that the centre piece for your whole outfit and keep the accessories to a minimum. (may have to try and nick that dress back out of my mums wardrobe) 

Velvet on todays runways

designer velvet

Velvet on the highstreet

velvet highstreet

Red military jackets 


Background information: 

‘Red has been and still is a popular colour for clothing. Crimson silks dyed using expensive imported cochineal – crushed shield insects –  were prestigious fabrics, reserved for royals and aristocrats in the renaissance period. Naturally dyed red flannel petticoats were worn by many people in the belief that they could ward off rheumatism.  Red was a dominant colour in the British textiles industry, which produced wool and cotton fabrics rebound for their colour and fastness.’  

‘In the 1800’s red, rather than blue was associated with the boys. This was partly because of its use in military uniforms. However it was also seen to be a strong and dominant colour suitable for the masculine sex.’ 


Now despite it being an exhibition full of beautiful victorian lady dresses, for me the on piece or few pieces I should say that kept drawing my attention was that of these 2 red mens military jackets. This involved me spending far too long loitering around them getting funny looks from the security guard trying to take the perfect photo without any strangers or unidentified object getting in the frame. The bright bold colour I think was the main thing which drew my attention. One thing which surprised me with the whole exhibition as a whole was how brightly pigmented a lot of the garments were still in this day and age, having  lasted the amount of years they have and having been dyed with older methods. This pillar box red really grabbed may attention along with the flashes of gold within the buttons and on the lapels. These jackets look obvious military and upper class from the 1800’s by their characteristics but in spite  of this they still very much remind me of some of the formal wear worn by our royals today and also within the uniforms worn in competitive horse riding and hunting. This just shows the timeless nature which these jackers posses and how fashion from 100’s of years ago can still be relevant today. 

Now annoyingly when we initially think of military fashion in the 21st century cheryl cole (or whatever she is called now) springs to mind first. This comes with them being very much in trend a few years back and being championed by ms cole. For me it was never something that I bought into with it not particularly being my style however I do love the tailoring that goes along with a lot of the military.  When looking at military style within todays fashions you see pretty remains much within jackets and mostly Karachi green loose fitting army jackets much like the military uniforms of today rather than the fitted and well tailored uniforms of the 1800’s. But here are a few runway and current high street items relating to this style. 

Military on the runway

military runway

Some of my other favourites from the exhibition. 


Love the black embroidery detail on this jacket


very much reminded me of some of the scarves I own



You cant really tell from this photo but this dress was beautifully covered in beading and embroidery



If you want to see the rest of the lovely exhibition head down to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Musuem in Glasgow where the exhibition will be running until the middle of February.  

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Historial research gained from The Kelvingrove Gallery and Museum, Glasgow 

Photos taken on a Canon 1200D 

SPOTLIGHT ON: Uni week 1

SPOTLIGHT ON: Uni week 1

Now with starting any new university college or even job you are bound to be given the obligatory starting off project just to dip your toes into the water. This was no different for me with starting at GSA with our first project Drawing Beginnings based no the practise of mark making and drawing from still life. In an effort not to make it as mundane as it appeared I decided to try and make the project very much my own by developing some pattern designs from the mark making and still life sketchbook work. So this week I am taking you down a small trip on memory lane back to starting off at university (those long 4 weeks ago).

After being told to go on somewhat of a scavenger hunt to find possible mark making materials (please say you hate that term mark making as much as I do), after slopping them in some ink and various paint materials as groups we created these large mural like images all out of our different marks. When creating these all ideas of being neat and precise went out the window in exchange for being expressive and abstract. 

Offending items for mark drawings and final experimentational images.

As you can probably see compared to the rest of my group I decided to work solely in black and white just using ink and ignoring the brightly coloured paint used by others. This decision was based on the fact that I knew from starting this that I wanted to take these drawings into photoshop to edit and manipulate into patterns so didn’t want to overcomplicate them with colours and with not yet deciding on a colour scheme (although the odds of it starting off as a variation of red and blue were pretty high) I didn’t want to tie myself down within any of the source drawings. 



Taking this combination of lines as a whole this is the design I produced this with my usual style of mirroring and rotating. I’m very pleased with this design with it being possibly my favourite coming out of the whole process (I promise it doesn’t go too far down hill from here) with one of my favourite aspects being the fine detail within the thinly crossing lines contrasted the the larger black spogges. Although I thinks it works really well as a finished black and white illustrated design I think this one would look really cool if colour was added to it creating an almost paisley inspired design but obviously in a slightly different style however when it comes to adding colour I would have to deconstruct it and go back to the beginning to create a repeatable section of it instead of trying to colour in the whole thing which would be madness. 

pattern 5

pattern 3

2 more created from mark making experiments

pattern 4

When it got down to creating some of our own smaller scale mark making experiments I did decide at this point to start adding colour and surprise surprise as I had preempted earlier on red and blue were the chosen suspects – with a smattering of orange and various shades of blue to not limit it too much. A while ago I had the idea within my pattern design to of using oil paint to blend together a background with the pattern arising with various marks over the top. This was a perfect opportunity to try this idea out. Using some of the earlier mark making techniques I layered these on top of an acrylic paint background starting to make a pattern with it.  As well as adding on top with the black ink with using oil paints as a base I was able to mark into them dragging the paint around creating another element within the design. I really wanted to try and replicate some of the flowers I had found and used for mark making within the designs by using the colours of them within the choice of paint and using the flowers them selves to print with creating the black flower splodges.   



As I did with my earlier back and white drawings I mirrored, repeated and layered these scanned in images to create the new designs. Im really pleased with how these and the previous black and white ones have come out however I can see how my work is all becoming very similar using the same ideas and techniques with a lot of my designs. This could be considered as my style of working however I think it is still quite simple and could be pushed further and maybe isn’t the style which I ideally want to be creating.  

pattern 1

pattern 2

In order to do this I took the jump and decided to try to start using adobe illustrator as well as photoshop. After plenty of blood sweat and tears (maybe subtract the blood for watching countless youtube videos) I started pick up some of the effects which I wanted to try and create. 





I found that the marks I created using the feathers when sectioned out and played around  of By some sort of happy accident when using the pattern brush tool created a really cool butterfly image. This wasn’t really what i intended to create but I’m very pleased how I managed to create it.  Unable to leave my beloved photoshop for too long, I took this motif I had created and used and manipulated it in there, adding colour from some of my previous designs and layering design behind it until I has created a design with them which I was really happy with. 



This final butterfly design is a lot more muted than the work I usually do however I still really like and it and is a good start at varying my portfolio a bit. I also love it when I create a design which has a lot different designs and layers involved in it knowing that a lot of different work came before it and wasn’t just simply created in 5 minuets.        


Drawing from still life of a dream catcher. The still life element of this project was an area which I definatly struggled having not gained much inspiration from the items we were drawing. The dream catch was the only item which caught my eye with the design made out of wood in the centre and the lovely feathers hanging off it. I did first draw it in its natural colours of brown and beige but changed it when paining it into red and blue to link in more with my collection of other designs.

kscope start

pattern 1

          Final design of dream catcher kaleidoscope

Thankyou for taking a look and reading, I will be doing regualr updates on my uni work so please make sure to come and check back in the future to see what I am up to.

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Style File – Plain doesn’t have to be boring!

Style File – Plain doesn’t have to be boring!

Instead of the usual wanting/wearing/working post of a week I decided to do something slightly different this week and aim solely down the fashion route. Inspired by my last outfit of the day post where I spoke about how in that I was using one bold key item, being a scarf,  and pairing it with more simpler low key items. As you may be able to tell from looking at some of my previous outfit of the day posts I am very into making 1 main focus point of the outfit like a colourful scarf or some statement shoes or a key on trend piece and keeping the rest quite paired down and plain. This is what I have decided to focus on in this post, how I have chosen these key items and how I would style them.  

Now you may think that that seems rather boring with the majority of an outfit remaining plain but in my mind plain doesn’t always have to mean boring. If you find the right pieces and combine them together you can go from boring to brilliant (think that should be my new catchphrase) 


With being a lover of scarfs *cough* has over 40 *cough* (ekk) there is one type of scarf in particular which tickles my fancy the most. The oversized scarf is defiantly my favourite. I defiantly think they can completely change an outfit adding new layers, texture and colours to a look. I also think there great at trying to make an outfit seem put together and styled (or at least covered up whatever outfit you threw together underneath in a very stylish way.)If I could, I would defiantly wear them all year round (now living in Scotland that may well be possible) Now I’m shocked at myself for managing to never have purchased a scarf from Asos in my whole scarf holding lifetime but when it comes down to oversized scarfs, I think they defiantly have it down to a fine art. 


The one I chose in particular is this woven white blue and yellow one. Now the majority of it may be monochromatic but with the bold yellow and slim blue stripes running through it gives it those bursts of colour to give the scarf interest and make it the focal point of the outfit. I also love the woven look of this scarf, with the black and the cream blending together in there section and making it not just a solid block of black and the cream pattern within the yellow sections giving it that ethnic vibe. Yellow and blue are two colours which go compliment each other very well and are good and easy to style with other colours.

Scarf montage

The styling I have chosen for this look is much like the look on the model to begin with but I have just made some slight changes to add more of an edge to it. To keep it a very casual look I have gone for a pair of light wash ripped denim jeans with a very relaxed boyfriend fit picking out the blue colour from the scarf. I have teamed this with a plain grey baggy T shirt and over the top a thick black and white roll neck jumper. I started off by looking for a plain jumper to go with this scarf but on finding this one I thought the stripped black and white lines within this jumper go well with the black and white within the scarf and gives the outfit a similar but slightly different texture. To finish it off and with the majority of the outfit being quite baggy and boxy, I decided to give it a feminine touch with these tan leather dolly shoes with peep toe detail. With the rest of the outfit being rather wintery I know these aren’t particularly practicle but in those transitional autumn months I don’t see why on a dry day they can’t work.   

Scarf – ASOS

Jeans – Hollister

Jumper – ASOS

Top – Topshop

Shoes – Office –,30/1961245008?referer=carousel 


Now when I talk of statement shoes you may be thinking I mean some humungous high heals or brightly coloured, glittery and fluffy pair of trainers (I do not endorse fluffy trainers) but when I say statement i’m talking more about shoes which help to give an outfit a certain style or look. 


One style of shoe which has never really gone away but in recent years has come into the forefront of Dr Martens. Now I’ve got to admit, when I first started seeing people (specifically girls) wearing them I just thought they were ugly and just for the goths and mods, however as my style has changed over the years and my eyes opened to more than just jeans and polo shirts I have moved over to the dark side and become one with the docs. Now as an art student, it almost feels almost uniform to have a pair of these in your arsenal but with the range of colours and styles that they now come in you can be a bit more original and not just one of the crowd. 

boot montage

Talking of the range of colours and styles I have decided to keep it safe and go with the ones I own myself being the Dr. Martens Pascal 8-eyelet boots in black (to give them their full title). Now I know your thinking these aren’t exactly a statement but I am still keeping them as the focus point of the outfit with pairing down the rest.  I decided to go for the black ones to keep them as versatile as possible and make them easy to style with any outfit. I think these shoes are great at giving a bit of edge to any outfit and help you to make a statement with your clothing. Keeping it simple I paired these with a pair of black skinny jeans from Topshop – my go-to place to any jean item. I chose a pair with ripped knees to continue on the grunge theme and also a simple grey motif vest top to keep it simple but add a small amount of interest. I originally thought of pairing a plain white T with the jeans however I thought it might look a bit too stark and prefer the slightly muted tone of this grey. Now some people may seem it fit to match their shoes to their hand bag however here I have chosen to match the shoes with the jacket by accompanying them with this Topshop leather jacket. To top it all off true to my style I have chosen this reversible black and white scarf (the other side having a hounds tooth print). Ive always loved these reversible scarfs with having the ability to have not one but two scarfs in one and wear both patterns at the same time. They look especially good when knotted around the neck so that both prints are layered and showing.  

Boots: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: Topshop

T shirt: Urban Outfitters

Jacket: Topshop

Scarf: Urban Outfitters (are you getting a theme yet ;) )


As you may have seen from one of my previous posts, I do have a little fancying for a patterned trouser. Patterned trousers have been around for the past few years but with the 70’s trend coming into full force we’ve seen many a printed legging and even brightly patterned flared trousers in our hughstreet. Now personally I think the brightly coloured flares are maybe a step too far but there are some brilliant coloured trousers out there to be had.  


With yellow being one of my favourite colours this pair from Zara defiantly took my fancy with their white orchid pattern. I really like the white upon the yellow in these trousers with the white jumping out from it enough but not overpowering it. Also also love the drawn/painted images of the orchid flower. Prints such like this tend to be using more often in homeware goods however I think it works really well in these trousers and docent look too much like you are wearing a pair of curtains (they would be very cool curtains at that!)  

trouser montage

With wearing a bright yellow print like this I think it is important to keep the rest of the colours on the same theme or minimal. Thats why I’ve paired this with a large oversized black jumper. I like to keep all my looks quite easy and daytime as I’m not a particularly dressy person so this black jumper takes out some of the formality of the trousers. This is also helped with it being elongated in length (which also covers up the blue ribbon bit on the waistband which I’m not that keen on) However if you did want to dress these trousers up a bit more it would be easily done with these trousers by exchanging the jumper for nice top and a pair of heels.  

Sticking with the theme of comfort for footwear I choose the ever popular plain white ox plimsoles from converse. With being plain white these are so easy to pair with anything but still have interest to them with the red and blue bands around them, not remaining completely white. Now I may have chosen to go a bit overkill with the yellow in this outfit however I think with being the right shade of yellow this scarf from (yes you guessed it again) Asos is a good finishing touch to the outfit. I know, yes it is rather large but I think this scarf is meant to bridge the gap between scarf and shawl with it being able to be worn draped over the shoulders or wrapped around the neck. The brown line detail around the bottom of the scarf match perfectly with the darker detail of the trousers and I think pulls the whole look together. Sometimes a look like this I may think looks to match matchy and almost as if you have tried to hard to make sure that the trousers and the scarf match, but with the rest of the outfit being very neutral and played down I think you can get away with it with a grin of ‘’ I’m so fashionable I just have perfectly matching items lying around everywhere and I just so happened to throw them on together while ;)’’ 

Trousers: Zara

Jumper: Asos

Converses: converse

Scarf: Asos

Thanks for reading the very first Style File post, I hope you found it interesting and should be following it up shortly with another one!

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SPOTLIGHT ON: Chloe Natalie Knott – Textile Design (yes thats me!)

SPOTLIGHT ON: Chloe Natalie Knott – Textile Design (yes thats me!)

Now this week it may look like I have skimmed on giving you some normal content and just resulted in doing some shameless self promotion. I can assure you in this case that the above is most defiantly not..not true.   

As another mission to keep myself busy during long break off I thought I thought what better than as start a business (as you do). After putting together some hand drawn designs which I didn’t really have many intentions for, I got the chance to get back into the workshops and get some lovely screen prints done.

work in progress

After creating a lot of samples at first which I didn’t really have any intention to do anything with, it crossed my mind that I could make something out of these.  It was at this point that the makeup bag brain wave happened. 

I thought makeup bags were a great place to start in that there quite simple and easy to make, cheap to create and with the right fabrics put together can look really beautiful and be really functional. 

Now most of my work which you may know If you have had a look at my portfolio (link here that I have a preference to work with blues and red however with this collection to mix it up a bit I wanted to introduce some other colours to my prints resulting in a collection with pink, orange and yellow in aswell.  

The first collection which I have avalible to buy consists of a beautiful collection of one off prints that are designed, hand screen printed and sewn together by myself.


The second collection is created out of a selection of a lovely collection of fabrics I have collected and combined together in a range of sizes and designs. I wanted to celebrate some the beautiful fabrics which are available on the market already and which have given me inspiration for some of my designs so have created this collection to showcase these.  


All of these bags are available to purchase on Etsy and are very reasonably priced between £8 and £14. There all one off so when they are gone there gone! would love it if you could take a look. Also take a look at our Facebook page for all the lasted updates and info.

Some of my favourites from the collection: 

Collection 1:


Collection 1 Item 2

Collection 1 Item 3

Collection 1 Item 4

Collection 1 Item 5

Collection 1 Item 6

Collection 1 Item 8

Collection 2

Collection 2 Item 1

Collection 2 Item 2

Collection 2 Item 3

Collection 2 Item 4

Collection 2 Item 5

Collection 2 Item 6

Collection 2 Item 7

Collection 2 Item 8

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