Sparkly Leopards

Sparkly Leopards












Yep now theres a title you weren’t expecting. Maybe just put it down to the fact I am running on very little sleep. There may not be any bejewelled wildlife in this post however I have ended up wearing something sparkly and leopard print at the same time and not on the way to a fancy dress party. How very un-me! I don’t tend to be one for a sparkle, at the risk of looking too much like the cross between a christmas tree and and my 5 year old self at a birthday party however in my new found urge to dress a big more adventurously (even if I have stayed within the realms of my beloved black)  

Before christmas in the shops you couldn’t move for sparkly knits and shear tops which despite my best efforts to make it work it always lead to me feeling far to dresses up. However some small corner of my brain  decided after spotting this lovely little number in & Other Stories that now is the time that finally mix up an effectively all black look with a bit of sparkle. The party season with all its glitz and glamour may be long behind us however thats no excuse for not being able to throw a touch of sparkle occasionally (seems a leopard does change its spots ;)

The fact that I’m wearing sparkles and leopard print has some how managed to distract from the fact I also wearing frayed kick flare jeans, another item that when I first saw in the shops I thought I would never be seen wearing. Denim is something that I have spent most of my life living in. From the bog standard black skinny jeans which have head my heart for many years to the classic mom jean which have become my new found love. However more recently I have been trying to be a little more adventurous within my denim choices. First seen within my Life in a Leather Jacket post last year wearing my beloved 2 tone mom jeans I’ve now followed the crowd into the realms of the kick flare. Part of me still isn’t a huge fan but after seeing these on Carrie from WishWishWish I was persuaded to give them a go and turns out, I love them! Being Asos own brand they were never going to break the bank on a piece which is probably only going to be a short term trend piece. 









My New(ish) Years resolutions

My New(ish) Years resolutions



As you can see I am still trying to stretch the New Years thingy out as much as possible, slotting in another new years related post in just enough time for it to be acceptable before they start getting to easter eggs out already. You can probably tell from the not very SEO friendly title its taken me a while to get round to doing this but finally with it the end of January approaching I have got round to deciding upon some new years resolutions! 

After a crazy christmas in panto land, some time to properly get as far away from anything that remotely looks like work as possible and the hustle and bustle of starting back at uni, this didn’t exactly feel like the perfect time to be turning my life upside down and making changes. From having the month to settle down a bit I feel now is as good a time as any to put together a list of a couple of goals of the year. 

A lot of them are rather internet/bloggy based and I know none are particularly ground breaking. If your looking for someone who is going to aim to see the severn wonders of the world and read the complete works of shakespeare, backwards (probably something I should actually think about doing for uni :/) then you have come to the wrong gal. But with last year being how can i put it nicely… a bit pooey, i’m determined for the beginning of this new year to push myself and try and give myself the best chances to enjoy the year as possible. 




Push forward the blog, YouTube and posting more regularly

Any long time readers here will know that over the year and a bit that Fabric Forward has been residing in this little corner of the internet, having a set schedule of content going up weekly has been some what of a distant dream. So with giving myself a little kick up the arse I am going to try and stick to having 1 post go up every Wednesday morning and 1 video up every Sunday with maybe a couple of extras thrown in for good measure (you will probably be able to tell when I have had a rather boring week). Blogging and youtube is definitely something that I have found a new love for recently most likely due to looking at some many other peoples wonderful blogs out there which I would love mine to be as good as. So over the coming year I hope to continue to push forward with it hopefully making both bigger and better. Now I have written that down it all seems far more scary than it should. At least it is a good start with this going up on a Wednesday, all pray for me this Sunday ;) 




Better quality videos

This is obviously very much linked with the last one but since moving to London this year I feel like i’ve let the videos slip in number and in quality. Any other student doing youtube will know that it’s not easy trying to film when living in halls with noise coming from all angles, rubbish natural light and not a particularly instagram friendly background to film in front of. Because of this over the year there have definitely been some videos that I have posted for either the sake of feeling like I should be posting a video to be regular or just to trying to get on board with some of the current youtube trends. Obviously I still have a tiny audience and in the grand scale of things this probably isn’t something that I should maybe be worrying myself with but being something I enjoy I want to be able to create quality interesting content that I love and that I am proud of and would want to watch myself.

With realising I don’t have the best set up at home this year I am aiming to  take the camera out of my cardboard box of a room, get out into the world and start doing more daily vlogs and lookbooks. Of the few that I have done these have always been my favourite to shoot and and edit (with there being only so much of your badly lit face on a strange cream background that one can manage). I know I am no editing wiz with having two pieces of footage in the same frame still making me far to excited but I do have a couple of ideas for some slightly different videos up my sleeves so when I find some free time I will be looking forward to getting cracking on those! 




Eat better

If you read my last post all about ways of busting the new year blues you will know that I spoke about how I find coming up a with a couple of new meals for the new year is a good way bust the blues and make life a little bit more interesting. Well, I’m not going to lie, having had to ready meals in a row over the past two nights Pret still drawing me in for lunch, this one hasn’t been going so well for me however slowly in time I will explore the depths of Pintrest and find some new and hopefully healthy dishes to brighten up my evenings. 




Take more photos

With blogging being all about photos and imagery and with snapchat and instagram being at our fingertips only a click away, you do feel like you are sometimes taking photos of everything from your dinner to our feet on a pretty flooring just to try and bulk out that instagram theme. Come on, you know you’ve done it. However sometimes it feels its the most enjoyable times be it being with friends of family, working on something cool or exploring the world are the moments that we forget to photograph. So this year I am keen to get snapping and start documenting these occasions to look back on and remember in the future. So beware, if your around me you may have a camera in your face ;)   

Also another photography aim of mine is to have saved up to able to buy a swishy new camera lens. The 50mm will always have a place in my heart but a 70 – 200 has been calling my name for a while and my pennies are finally starting to mount up so hopefully it won’t be long until one of them in mine *insert evil movie villain laugh*. Also its rather nice that I can already tick one aim of the list of putting together my own photography website *moment of shameless self promotion* www.chloeknottphotography.come. So if you would like to take a gander please feel free to show me some love and click the link above :) 




To properly explore London more

 Its around 4 month now that I have been living in this big old smoke that we call London and despite feeling like I know my way pretty well around central London, I know that with it being so big (shocker) there is so much there for me still to discover and explore. One of my favourite past times over the years has always been exploring new cities with having no fear of going off on my tod to explore all the ins and outs and nooks and crannies. With it being such a cool and vibrant city with always sometime new and interesting going on, its such a shame to let it go to waste and keep doing the same old thing. Having a couple of free weekends down here in the coming weeks I look forward to making the most of and exploring places which aren’t Piccadilly circus and Covent Garden.




Relaunch Chloe Natalie Knott Makeup Bags

Any long term readers may remember that during the summer of 2015 after leaving art college I started up my own brand of makeup bags being made and designed by me. This started off quite well but as is ever the way life gets busy and some things get pushed to the back burner and unfortunately this was one of those things. However now it is finally time to dust of the sewing machine and get cracking on the finishing of the products for the brand new range. (ooo a range how exciting, and I promise they don’t have dust on them really). I have some brand new designs which I love and am proud of which I just need finish so hopefully it won’t be long until they are finally out there in the world! 




Tidy room, tidy mind!

Yes, guilty, my room is a mess. As someone who used to pride herself on her organisational skills and would tidy her room for fun (what?) its a bit sad to see it all descend into what can look like a pit of madness. It definitely gets worse when your busy and the last thing you want to do at 12 at night is hang all your clothes up neatly and tidily. However this year I am going to make extra effort to try and keep my room looking vaguely organised so at least I can see a good chunk of my flooring again. 




PHOTOS | Tom Flathers


Black and white is back

Black and white is back












There will have rarely been day over the last couple of years where black and white haven’t been staple items within my outfit. From dresses to jumpers my wardrobe has become a sea of blacks, whites and greys (with a couple of hints of red thrown in for good measure). Call it boring, funeral attire, stylish or simple one reason I like it in particular is that it is just easy. Dressing and shopping become so much simpler when you know that everything you buy and wear will mostly likely go with everything else in your wardrobe and never having to worry if that colour will go with anything.

The strappy top or dress over T shirt trend has been a huge trend this past season. Not only do I like the look of it but the practicality of being able to wear your more summery items into the autumn and winter months has been an added bonus. This little black number from Urban Outfitters has to be one of my favourites with it fitting like a glove but I love the edgier side of it with having the longer hems at the sides and the square strappy neckline (and was a lovely little sale bargain to boot!) Despite making more of an effort recently to add a splash of colour here and there, especially helped with my new found love of vintage 90’s dresses,  I will always be monochrome lover at heart.














PHOTOS: TOM FLATHERS (at The Custard Factory, Birmingham)

DRESS (similar) | TOP | SHOES | BELT

Isle of Arran | Part 5

Isle of Arran | Part 5






For one day only gone are the baggy jumpers and large scarfs. For my last instalment in my little Isle of Arran series we’ve gone and got a little bit sexy, oh yes (throws up in mouth at the mention of the word) or I would like to think so anyway. Or it could have ended up more likely with me looking like a painted sack of potatoes leaning agains a sink. 

Anyway, with wanting to make the most of our stay we decided to use the hotel for one shoot as well. 

With my room having the biggest bathroom I have ever seen, with it being about double the size of my room in my flat, I kid you not, it was a great little set up for another cool little shoot. 









Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.27.34 TS62L03JBLK_Zoom_F_1 mac_sku_M0N904_640x600_0

Brilliant photos as ever by Tom Flathers








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My Blogger Crushes

My Blogger Crushes


Since my new years resolution a few years ago to spend more time reading books, it was going so well until these lovely ladies blogs came onto my radar. Unsurprisingly with being a blogger myself (surprise surprise) rather than snuggled up with a book, more and more of my evenings are spent trawling through OOTD’s, beauty reviews and monthly favourites of all my favourite bloggers. Its from reading blogs like these that inspired me to start blogging and youtube in the first place so I thought it only right to honour them in one of my own posts. 

Any big blog fans out there amongst you will probably know of them already however I still think their worth a mention.



Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 14.24.35

As the one and only blogger who’s blog I will check in with everyday, waiting to see a new post, I think she may win the award for my favourite blogger (its a very prestigious award.) 

Don’t know what more I can say other than just such beautiful photos. Out of all the blogs I have seen I think Olivia from What Olivia Did definitely has best photos all round in my opinion. From her outfit posts with an impressive ability to match her outfits to various doors around London, to her product layouts with more colourful paper backgrounds than a branch of Paperchase, whats more to like. 

Her style is quite cute and girlie so slightly different to me however, its great for getting inspiration to find ways of introducing this into my style (wishing I could carry off the red tent dress as well as she dose) and has definitely introduced me to some brands which my bank balance doesn’t like. 

unnamed (3)

(also major instagram goals!) 



Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 14.25.16

Out of all of these ladies she is closest to my current personal style as a fellow lover of black and neutral tones and has probably been on the one to inspire me the most within my personal style. As well as her OOTD posts she also does beautiful model shoots with photographer Alexandra cameron. From swanning around in the sea to effortlessly lounging around in an abandoned building she definitely puts me to shame in the couple of dramatic shoots that I have done (coming up very soon).  Better get trying to find my room of feathers and lots of powder paint then.  

unnamed (2)



Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 14.25.50

I basically just love everything this girl wears! I may not be blessed with stomach that can pull off wearing a bar with a see through top over the top but I love getting inspiration from her really cool modern style. With her blog focusing solely on fashion (and some of her highly enviable holiday snaps) I know I’m going to really like every post she puts up. Her style varies quite a bit and changes from post to post but as someone who seems to stick to the same style most of the time, this ability to mix things up and still look fab is something I admire. 




Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 14.29.06

Colour tends to be the first thing I see when I look at Freddie’s blog (think I’ve chosen some of the more muted down looks to show you.) There is no one else that I look at just to be cheered up by her infectious smile and bright and eccentric fashion sense. Her style is definitely fun and daring and an explosion of colour but in a very stylish and chic way. 

unnamed (1)

And a couple of late entires..

This morning while just scrolling through instagram, as you do trying to wake myself up for the day, I stumbled across another group of lovely girls who I now already love and I felt I couldn’t not include them in this post somewhere.



Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.22.37




Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.23.52




Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.24.25

Those colours though…




Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.22.59








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All image courtesy and belong to the of the bloggers themselves.  

Beauty Business | Beauty review/comparison

Beauty Business | Beauty review/comparison

With seeming to get ever more and more into this beauty business (see my catchy new title ;) ) I am delving into the world of product comparisons this time starting off with foundation. With a recent effort to branch away from my dearly loved foundation L’oreal True Match Foundation I decided to try a more ‘high end’ product. Feeling L’oreal is the best from the drug store for me I wanted to see if any higher end one had more to offer. Now your not going to see me buying anything from Channel or anything alike anytime soon (ain’t no body got the pennies for that) so I settled something a bit more mid range. 


If you want to read fully about the L’oreal true match foundation have a look at my Daily makeup routine blog post linked here


Benefit’s hello flawless oxygen wow foundation (not sure they gave it a long enough name) being the only one in their range was the one I plumped for. I remember for a long time at school and 6th form, Benefit was the brand which every girl seemed to want to get her hands on. From its mascara’s  to its bronzers it could do no wrong.  With makeup not being largely on my radar back then it was a trend that I plainly ignored (other than the time I brought their Bad Gall Lash Mascara duty free on a ferry on a school trip and lost it after only a week!) So this was the first time I have properly tried out a Benefit product and I was left rather disappointed. 


One of the reasons I love the L’oreal true match foundation it the weightlessness of the product on the skin. Despite being a medium coverage it’s very light and smooth to apply but has great coverage and will last until the end of the day. However I found the Benefit one a lot thicker and heavier not the skin, leaving it looking rather matte and flat compared to the more glowiness of the L’oreal and surprisingly making my face go rather shiny by then of the day as it wore off. While swatching it in store on my hand it didn’t seemed like a nice consistency however when I applying it I found it quite think, needing a lot to cover your face. Maybe with a moisturiser or primer underneath it would go on better (but all that seems far too complicated for me. 


Previous to using the L’oreal true match I did tend to use heavier, full coverage foundations from brands like Rimmle and No7, so when first using true match I did find it quite thin. But after using it for a prolonged period of time I realised I didn’t need all those heavyweight foundations and it really was as good as all the hype around it. 

Despite this, I think the main problem I have with the Benefit foundation is that of the shade of it. I was surprised when it seemed I was going to need the lightest shade in the range with usually coming at least 1 or 2 shades below it, but for the supposedly lightest shade its a bit to dark and slightly on the orange side. (To think the sales assistant colour matched me to a shade darker than this.) This I think has been the main of putting feature for me. If it had been the perfect  colour I would have probably got used to the consistency more with it being very similar to old ones I used to use, but with both of them being very different to my norm, it was quite a change. So if your a very light skin tone, this isn’t the one for you. 

As the name should suggest, after hopping round a couple of shades in the L’oreal true match range I have landed on what I think my best match being in N1. I think its hard to say you can ever find your absolute perfect match however this one I think does a pretty good job. 

The Benefit foundation is still one that I will continue to use, especially for days if I need or feel like more heavy coverage, it will be great for, however after already having used about 4 bottles of L’oreal true match, the 5th shall be brought very shortly!

I realise this comparison has been rather Benefit heavy so If you want to read fully about my thought of the L’oreal true match foundation have a look at my Daily makeup routine blog post linked here. 

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Style File – Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick

Style File – Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick


Charlotte Tilbury, the brand which since its launch a couple of years ago has become a staple in any beauty bloggers makeup bag. As someone who still thinks of their self as rather new to the makeup game, in terms of high end beauty game I really don’t want to be spending any of my precious student loan on bad products. With lipstick being the only thing really that I would go high end for, after seeing practically every beauty blogger under the sun raving about the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lip sticks, I had to get my hands on one. And with a nice little Selfridges gift card for crimbo it cushioned the monitary blow and finally I managed to get my little mits on one.


After much deliberation (the with red carpet red being out of stock was kind of decided it for me) I plumped for Love Liberty (points to the eagle eyed amongst you who notices it placed on Liberty London print postcards, thought it was quite apt). Matte will always be the type of lipstick that I go for with hating the feeling of my lips being all sticky and slimy. I like to be able to put it one and forget about it with not having to think to top it up from time to time. 

Now I don’t think i am going to get away with this review without comparing this to my beloved Mac Matte lipsticks with this new one having a high bar to try and match. I went for Love Liberty as I thought this was the closest and the best alternative to my all time favorite being that of Mac Mehr, just being a little on the darker side (see already guilty and its not quite as dark as it seems in the picture)


With all the hype surrounding these lipsticks with most beauty bloggers praising them to the high heavens I was annoyed when after trying it out I was slightly disappointed. I didn’t find its longevity and staying power to be quite as good as I hoped with finding that after just a few hours it was looking patchy feeling that I needed to reapply it. I did find it easier to apply with it being quite creamy in texture but this is what probably lead it to not last as long. 

Also personally I was a little unsure not he colour when first applying it with it being a bit more pink than my usual shades however I have grown to love and it I’ve found it is a beautiful colour when worn with Maroon. Also I can’t not talk about a charlotte Tilbury product without a mention to the packaging, just need to remember to keep it out of reach of any passing magpies.  

Charlotte Tilbury Love Liberty is available to purchase at Selfridges 

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calling all bloggers

(At the risk of sounding too much like a WWW2 propaganda poster) Do you have a blog? Are you looking to collaborate with another blogger? Then fabric forward wants you! 

Im currently looking for any other bloggers or youtubers who are looking to collaborate on content with me. Be it an outfit of the day photoshoot, beauty review, monthly favourites or a lifestyle activity I would love to work with you and help us all make or blogs bigger and better. 

If your interested email me at or message me on any of the social medias listed down below

I look forward to hearing from any of you!

Love c x





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Spotlight on – Birmingham Grand Central

Spotlight on – Birmingham Grand Central

With christmas very close on the horizon and uni coming to an end for the year as Chris Rea famously sang its time for driving (or for many of us taking a long train journey) home for christmas, with my train station destination being Birmingham New street.  

With it having only opened in September of this year I was very lucky to get the chance to take some photos around the brand new Birmingham’s Grand Central shopping centre. When I first visited it a couple of weeks ago I knew with it being such a large open space with great lighting that it would look great for the blog, and low and behold a couple of days ago I ended up there doing exactly that.  







Having made many trips to Birmingham New Street over the years and seeing half the station boarded up with this new building being built, it is so nice to finally see the brilliant result. I think its a great addition to Birmingham with the great restaurants and shops it has to offer. 






The look for this shoot I kept very simple styling one of my favourite new pieces being this floral teal blue dress from Urban Outfitters.  Within the winter months my wardrobe generally takes the turn into mostly dresses, thick tights and jumpers with finding this way of layering being the best way to keep warm and comfy. This one is a great addition for me this year with the lovely deep teal colour and small brown floral print. With the high neck line, bow collar and front pleat, this dress has a rather 60’s vibe about it with being a great way at getting a vintage inspired look. 




Urban outfitters never fail to stock some lovely pretty floral dresses and various cuts and colours within their eclectic mix of stock. This one I was lucky to manage to pick in the black Friday sales so made it a lot more reasonably priced for Urban Outfitters. 




Along with a simple pair of opaque black tights I completed the look with these patent Doc Marten shoes, adding a masculine twist to the look. 


Thank you very much to Grand Central for the opportunity to use their facilities and I look forward to seeing it again. 

Grand Central station Birmingham 

Buy the look: 

Blue dress – Urban Outfitters 

Shoes – Doc Martens

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Photos taken by Tom Flathers

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