2nd Birthday




After sitting down and staring blankly at my computer screen wondering what the hell I was going to write (something which happens all to often) it suddenly occurred to me that this little corner of the internet has existed for a whole 730 ish days, or 2 years to the slightly less maths savvy. As someone who spent her own 21st birthday sat at home eating pizza (don’t worry I splashed out on the expensive shit), I haven’t been cracking out the party poppers and cocktail sausages for this little milestone quite yet. However I knew I had to at least acknowledge it. 

After staring the early remnants of Fabric Forward back in the summer of 2015 it has gone through many a face lift, style change and focus to become what it is today. As some who has never known her HTML’s from her SEO’s, is not only just bad but scared of writing and used to run away when anyone got a camera out, the idea of me creating a fashion blog all being rather dependant on those 3 things would have seemed somewhat silly. However I think if from nothing else than my own determination to not have another hobby flop (lets not make a repeat of the tennis lessons), we’ve persisted through the technical confusion, writers block and pubic awkwardness to see ourselves here 2 years later. 






Despite 2 years seeming like a rather long time I think it has taken to this point for me to finally feel happy and pleased at what I am creating. From finally finding a layout that I like, being more comfortable in my personal style and knowing the kind of posts I want to create I feel it makes me eager to want to write and create more rather than it feeling like a chore. I think the fact I have managed to post twice in week I think says it all. 

Is it at a level which I might have hoped it would be by now? Not really, however at then of the day, as long it’s stays enjoyable and interesting then what does it matter if there is 1 or 1 billion of you out there.Through all the ups and downs of daily life Fabric Forward has been a wonderful little escape as my little part of the internet and somewhere which I am able to pour my creativity and love of fashion and photography into. So roll on the next 2 years and lets see where it takes us! 







calling all bloggers

(At the risk of sounding too much like a WWW2 propaganda poster) Do you have a blog? Are you looking to collaborate with another blogger? Then fabric forward wants you! 

Im currently looking for any other bloggers or youtubers who are looking to collaborate on content with me. Be it an outfit of the day photoshoot, beauty review, monthly favourites or a lifestyle activity I would love to work with you and help us all make or blogs bigger and better. 

If your interested email me at chloenknott@gmail.com or message me on any of the social medias listed down below

I look forward to hearing from any of you!

Love c x





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Festive Favourite 3 – My decorations favorites

Festive Favourite 3 – My decorations favorites

Instead of just doing the normal run of the mill gift guides as every blogger does at christmas  (I’m not shunning them, I do love reading them) I decided to try something a little different, something a little more closer to home, literally, the process of decorating your home for christmas.

With the decorations as you can probably see I went with quite a neutral theme this year with a lot of golds, silvers and white, mixing together metallic’s and wood like textures with geomatics shapes and pretty feathers. With a lot of them being on a neutral theme many of them will be great to work year after year as stable decorations which you could mix and match around with different styles and colour schemes of additional decorations. 

I have collated together a mixture of some cheaper products and some more expensive ones for you to have a browse at. All the products are linked below the images and If I wasn’t on a student budget living in a tiny box I would love to adorn my house with all these beautiful pieces. 

I have really loved compiling this collection of decorations for you all and I hope you love them as much as I do.

* My star buys

oliver bonas.jpg

I) Geometric baubals *

II) Globe baubal

III) Hanging star 

IV) Photo frame tree decoration *

Tate Shop.jpg

I) Spiky tree baubals*

II) Build your own reindeer 

The White Company

I) House tree decorations 

II) Beaded wall star

III) Ginger bread men bunting 

IV) Hanging houses advent calander *Not on the high street

I) Large hanging paper snow fakes  *

II) Personalised name flat ball balls  

III) Hanging feathers  *

IV) Star candle holders 

V) Copper tea light holders

VI) Large star candle stick holders 


I) White diamond tree decorations 

II) Origami folded gold lights  *

III) Wooden leaves 

IV) Christmas typography print 

John Lewis

I) Snow squirrel ornement 

II) Mini gold pine cone and acorn 

III) Hanging birds

IV) Zig Zag knitted stocking 

V) Feather wreath  

VI) Clock bauble 


I) 12 days of christmas cushions 

II) Golden detailed stocking

IV) Peacock *

V) Mouse

VI) Letters for tree 


I) Peacock baubal 

II) Fox in a globe baubal  

III) Bee

IV) Special edition liberty London heart *


I) Rudolph card holder

II) Wooded christmas tree *

III) Alphabet baubles 

IV) Christmas bunting

V) Cooper geometric wreath *

House of Fraser

I) Acorn wreath 

II) Acorn

III) Gold birds

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Brand Focus – Mulk and Ding Ding

Brand Focus – Mulk and Ding Ding

For this little extra bonus post this week I have decided to focus on 2 new gift brands that I have found and loved that being of Mulk and Ding Ding.  


I found these 2 products while having a browse around the Centre of Contemporary arts in Glasgow and couldn’t resist making a little purchase. I walk past here everyday on my way into uni and have always meant to pop in but had never got round to it, They have such a lovely hand picked selction of products from brand new designers of which all could fit perfectly within anyones home.  Now obviously I couldn’t buy everything I liked there but these 2 item took my fancy enough to part with my money. 



A notebook and stationary addict like myself couldn’t resist the chance to add both of these to my collection when I saw them. I love the simplicity of both of their designs, with Mulk and the simple chevrons pattern alongside the more complex triangle geometric ones and Ding Ding with their geometric and circular layered screen prints. As a screen printer myself I love seeing hand screen printing here put into products.  Also their price point is great 



Being A5 the notebook is perfect hand bag size and also being on the thiner side this notebook is perfect for uni note taking for any specific projects/ideas (and I may actually see it through till the end without giving up half way through). 

I’m still slightly unsure of what to do with the mini clipboard but I’m sure pinned up on the wall it will come in handy for holding all those little bits of paper you end up loosing. 

Think ill defiantly be going back to CCA soon to see what other beauties I can find (and no doubtedly will be buying the same notebook in all the colours.) 

More from Ding Ding


More from Mulk



Centre of Contemporary Arts Glasgow 


Ding Ding 

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Photos taken on a Canon 1200D 

SPOTLIGHT ON: Homewear Haul

SPOTLIGHT ON: Homewear Haul

Now you ay have seen that over the past few weeks I have taken a slight break from this blogging business, but with the stresses and strains of starting out at university, something had to give, however I am back with blogging avengeance and now and what better way to start back than a homeware haul! 

Now with moving away to university, along with the moving away and obviously starting uni one of the things I was most looking forward to was styling my own interior even down to the  designs on the plate and the mug. Sharing a small uni flat the space can become an issue and if i purchased every mug and plate that I liked then I definitely wouldn’t have been able to store the food to eat off them. One way that this turned out not to be a problem is that before I started shopping I had a clear Idea in my head of what I wanted to find. 

As you may have gathered from me at this point from my design work red and blue are defiantly my preferred colours and after having years of staring at quite plain and dull kitchen items (no offence mum and dad and your interiors choices) I wanted to finally have some of my own which I can love and get excited to eat off (and yes I have just realised how sad that sounds, me being the most uncool fresher ever.) 

I always liked the idea of having mismatched dinning wear but all working together on one main theme. Also I wanted to get something that wasn’t too garish and style specific, find something which will last me for years and still look as current and stylish.

When shopping around I saw many beautiful ready together sets which would be fine for me but with them wanting to last me as long as possible and not get bored of them, I didn’t want to rest until I found the ones right for me. 

Also one hurdle which did slightly get in the way was that of being a student, budget was defiantly always on my mind. Looking in somewhere like Marks and Spencer’s seemed like high end luxury. But in the end after searching high and low (and inevitably coming back to buy from the first place that I started looking), I managed to find some lovely kitchen wear that I am really happy with. 


Ive always loved this style of blue and white patterned plates and and with loving vintage fashion and interiors these defiantly fit well with my interior’s vision.  I remember as a child always seeing them in my nan’s kitchen dresser all nicely laid out as displayed. Now back then I didn’t think much off them especially my confusion with them only being there for display and not to be eaten off, however, minds do change and I have grown to love them and its nice that they give a slight feel of nostalgia from my rural home town to the busy city I now live in. 3 out of the 4 of these were purchased from Dunelm, with one later addition being from T K Maxx after realising that washing up really isn’t my favorite hobby and I would like to leave as long a gap between washes as possible, so slipping in one more plate kind of helped the problem even if it does mean a bit more elbow grease. Despite loving these traditional patterns, Ive tried to mix in these more modern circular and floral patters to try and strike the balance between old and new. In the end I think this smaller spotted plate on top has ended up being my favourite design with it just being so simple yet classic (and is a perfect size for toast in the morning) 



As someone who may have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with mugs I may have ended up with hoarding a grand total of 6 for one person, but its ok, 2 of them can be used as pen pots (see! totally saving money on pen pots)  Sticking on the blue and white theme from various shops and various different shopping trips I managed to find these 6 which I really like. As someone who finds a small mug of hot chocolate a crime against drinks one of my struggles was finding mugs big enough to full fill  my addiction. In the end TK Maxx yet again turned out to be a crakcer with these various different styles and shapes of mugs all found on their shelves. Also if you are a particular lover of Cath Kindston homeware and mugs in particular I would make sure you take a little peak into TK Maxx on your next visit with them having a wide range of their mugs all waiting to be snapped up (as I did with the red and white spotty one) 

Now as you may be getting bored of me praising TK Maxx to the high heavens I have one last thing that I purchased from there. Since buying them I have actually realised that I rarely use bowls but it there was any reason to use one, what better than to want to eat of this lovely bowl. Obviously this is also blue and white and a pattern which ties in with the rest of the plates and bowls nicely and completes all of my uni crockery. 

Being TK Maxx and many of the products they stock being one of a kind within there stores I unfortunately don’t have links for any of their products but all the products which I purchased from Dunelm are linked down below :)

Light blue plate -Dunelm 


Matching bowl 


Dark blue play – Dunelm


Spotty plate – Dunelm


Circle pattern mug – Dunelm 


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