me before you | Fan screening



A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get the chance to attend the the premier night fan screening of the new film adaptation of ‘me before you’ starting Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke. 

Having been a long time lover of the book ever since it burst onto our bookshelves, when I heard that their was going to be a film adaptation I knew that it was going to be a must see film for me. Then secondly finding out that in the lead roles would be the aforementioned Sam Claflin, I mean I might have a slight crush on him, just a tiny one ;), and Emilia Clarke tearing herself away from those beloved dragons, I was even more excited about it. 

Then unbelievably thirdly being given the chance to go to the premier fan screening, with a guest appearance of Sam Claflin himself, it was an opportunity that the 411 miles between Glasgow and London weren’t going to hold me back from. 

To give you a brief introduction into the story Will Trainor (Claflin), a young successful business man with an adrenaline fuelled lifestyle, is left after a road accident paraplegic from the neck down. After loosing her job at a the local bakery Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke) takes a job as Will’s carer and after a rocky start it is from there that their love story begins. 

And I barely have words for getting to sit next to him. I’m just glad I managed to show a vague amount of composure on my face for the photograph and not ending up a red faced smiling loon.  

Without giving too much away, obviously having read the book I knew it would be a very fun film but also an incredibly emotional one too. With my general inability to cry at films its rather unusually for me to be left for the the last 20 minuets of the film sobbing through my sleeves after my idiocy of not bringing any tissues, and trying very hard to not end up proper ugly crying and snotting all over myself (lovely image). Ladies, I definitely recommend waterproof mascara.  

The gifts of this evening kept on giving, literally, with our free copies of the book and some lovely bumblebee striped tights, the ones thing that I think has been missing from my wardrobe all this time (all becomes clear in the film) 

‘me before you’ is currently in cinemas nationwide and Thank You to Warner Brothers for the experience. 









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