Spotlight on – Getting organised and proactive!

As I sit here surrounded by 4 notepads having just planned out my week ahead in acute detail, I do tend to think of myself as a rather organised person. There have been many times in my life where I wish I could get my nose out of my dairy and just let everything role along happily but with my brain seeming more sieve like than brain like, if its not written in my diary and well as being written on reminder post it notes and my daily lists, then it will get forgotten. Now with it still being the beginning of a new year (only just realised it is now February, that still counts right?), what better time for everyone to get organised and help get their life in gear. So here are a few of my little tips for trying to stay organised! 


We all know that extremely satisfying experience of being able to cross to tick something off a list right, well with being a list obsessive you get this lovely experience many times a day. 

One of these can seem like a little gift from god when times get busy and hectic. Being able to off load all the big and small things into one manageable list to work through seems to make my life a whole lot easier. But you do need to make sure that this list writing doesn’t go to far. It can be a dangerous business ;) Firstly don’t let it get to the point when you write ‘write new list’ on your list…been there far too many times. And secondly, try not to have too many notebooks not the go at once, you may forget which one your current list is then, then all hell may break loose ;)


Even if you don’t have to plan getting one child to football practice and another at ballet while taking yourself to yoga, weekly planners or diaries are the way forward. I like being able to put down everything I have planned for the week onto one page to see how much I have to do, If things clash and if some things need to be moved around. With being thoroughly stuck the dark ages this process definitely stays on paper for me and hasn’t yet sneaked onto the phone or computer. Like I like being able to hold a proper book rather than a kindle, I like being able to plan my week out with a paper and pen, add things in and cross things out (without messing up the perfectly neat handwriting ;) .) 



For the moment when inspiration strikes and no notebook or diary seems to be within easy reach, this is when that pile of sticky notes lurking in the corner of your desk has their moment to shine. I particularly love this pack from knock knock with the different colours and slogans. Now I can’t say I have much to delegate or much I can eagerly write down to put off, but out of pure beauty, they will get used on occasion.  

As much as I try to organise myself putting all the right steps in place, my productivity levels can drop towards the floor. With a cosy bed day in front of I Player looking so much more appealing than chaining yourself to your desk, (I’m really selling working here aren’t I) sometimes we just have to get round to it. So here are some of my top tips at getting proactive. 


HAVING A ROUTINE (as boring as it sounds) 

Now I’m not expecting everyone to be getting up at 6:30 sharp everyday, having a kale and spinach smoothie, heading to the gym for a long work out and then effortlessly slipping back into your perfectly scheduled work routine (god knows I don’t do that,) however having a routine  can be so beneficial for being proactive. One of the most productive times of my life was when I was back in college. I look back on the days of getting up at 6:45 every day and wondering how the hell I did it, with me now being a uni student me and 6:45 have not met in a long time. But i think being able to do this was partly down to having such a rigid routine. With most days following the same sort of pattern, getting up and working felt a lot easier because your body does the exact same thing every day and knows what it has to do. I’m not saying that I used to spring out of bed wide awake and fresh as a daisy at 6:45, however being busy and having a routine works a lot better for me than getting up when I want and doing work whenever I want. 


I’m not talking about anyone working in the nude should put clothes on, if that works for you then go ahead, but what I do mean is get out of those pyjamas and put of on some normal clothes. I like anyone else will always be inclined to have a lazy day of wearing lounge wear but just changing into jeans and a T shirt can make such a difference, separating yourself from relaxing mode to working mode. 



Im a sucker for anything with a pretty pattern on it, what can I say, i’m a textile’s student. But if i find a lovely pretty notebook or set of stationary I am far more likely to want to write in it, even if I don’t have anything to write! 


MAKE STARBUCKS YOU NEW OFFICE (other cafe’s are available)

Now I’m not saying work out of the house everyday, staying in the conform of your home with snacks on tap can be very appealing however, however once or twice a week is a nice little change to freshen up our surrounds and get out of the house. Now dreading the day that baristas at my local cafe will say ’the usual?’, living in a big city I like being able to explore and go around and try different cafe’s (or at least just a different branch of Costa) to work.Also with this being somewhat of a trend nowadays to get productive over you pain au chocolat, sometimes it’s nice to work around other people doing the same thing as you, however the noisy family of 7 to your left throwing coffee around may get annoying after a little while. 

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