SPOTLIGHT ON: When I turned into a Chameleon








As someone who spends most of her life in dark colours, blending into the crowd is probably something that tends to happen, however, I don’t usually end up wearing the exact same colour as the background of my pictures. 

When I got dressed for this shoot I didn’t think that I had used a brick wall for inspiration however these brown and orange flowers seem to have a surprising likeness to my bricky background.  

My trend of wearing dresses in the winter time continues on with this lovely vintage inspired floral number from urban outfitters. I tend to be rather picky with my floral prints with them either being too modern or too bold however being in quite a simple, dark colour pallet and a nice print, this one is perfect.  With my collection of shirt dresses seeming to be ever increasing this one now definitely a new favourite addition with its versatility with it simple print  working well with other patterns and colours and layered well under jumpers and scarfs.  





Outfit Details..

Dress – Urban Outfitters 

Shoes – Doc Martens 

Photos taken in Worcester – Worcestershire

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