Style File – A Day in Digbeth

With christmas pretty much all packed up and over with the the tree finally dropping more needles than it is retaining and ratio of wrappers to uneaten chocolates in the box of Quality Street being far to much the wrong way, for me not being a big new year goer-outer there is one bit of excitement left is that for the season, that of the January (Boxing day is a funny looking January) sales. While having a day perusing around the shops in Birmingham we took a couple of moments out from the hustle and bustle of the bull ring to enjoy one of Birmingham’s lesser known areas, Digbeth, and more importantly the custard factory. Unfortunate there was not a single sight of the slimly yellow substance to be seen there anymore however, there was a rather nice array of shops in its place. With a lovely collection of individual shops ranging from cake bakers to corset makers it has definitely has become a leading UK destination for creative independent businesses.  It’s definitely a place I will be going back to visit and have a proper look around one day.








Now I can’t have post about visiting The Custard Factory without mentioning the incredible mural wall paintings along with the colourfully painted buildings. As you can see within these photos the size and colour of them are incredible and were a perfect background for me to stand ungracefully in front of. Its lovely to see what would have probably once have been dull brick factory buildings now rejuvenated with this amazing art work.  



Is that a person or a third christmas tree?


On the theme of colourful walls Digbeth may not be on of the prettiest places but with its nice little pockets of urban un used of industrial buildings and dramatic graffiti it was a nice little backdrop for some photos.



For a busy day out shopping I kept the look very relaxed and everyday (as you can probably tell with my apparent inability to iron my clothes) with this oversized checked shirt dress, co-ordinating green scarf and Doc Marten shoes. In the winter months I find dresses are such as easy way to dress with being able to layer up the tights plus layers under and/or over the dress (sublet hint I like layering). Shirt dresses definitely make up the majority of my dresses with its long length and baggy fit it definitely makes my look fulfil the art student stereotype , with just lacking a paint pallet and paint brush behind the ear. To liven it up a bit I added a flash of red lipstick to add another colour to the very green look. 






Buy the look

Dress – Forever 21

Shoes – Doc Martens

Lipstick – Mac

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