Theatre Focus – Macbeth

Don’t worry, this isn’t a brand new everyday makeup look which I am trying out, I don’t think the dark grey contouring and very heavy black eye shadow will catch on that soon. 

Another area of my life which I have never spoken about on the blog before is that of theatre and performing. Through most of my life I have been performing on stage be it through singing, dancing or acting. Now the call from Hollywood or The West End may not have come quite yet however most recently I took part in Students Theatre at Glasgow’s autumn production of Macbeth. 

As a huge lover of Shakespeare, Macbeth was always a show which I had my eye on if the opportunity came about with loving its dramatic story line and tragic ending. I was lucky enough to get cast as one of the witches, iconic to the story. 

Our version was very much a modern twist on the play, with heavily dominant elements of music (now have weirdly nostalgic love for death grips), dramatic lighting and the simple black and white modern costume, with not a corset in sight! 

Now with the unlucky stigma that comes with the play I’m not going to lie I was skeptical that something sometime was going to go wrong however we seems to get to the end without any major mishaps (other than the constant coughing fits from yours truly through the last few weeks of rehearsal.) 

This was a really exciting production to be a part of with it being one the the biggest in STaG’s history and I am very proud to have been a part of it with such an amazing cast. My post show blues are very much still rife however I can’t wait to hopefully start another. 

Here are some of the lovely photos courtesy of Richard Walker.










Just chilling…




Photos courtesy of Richard Walker.

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